Pet Hates


Is it still the case that you can’t go on the motorway until you have a full licence so you never actually get a lesson on motorway driving? I could never understand that when I was learning to drive


Yep. It’s so fcuking Irish ! :roll_eyes:


I love going into the overtaking lane and hitting 120kph. Guys go bonkers behind you - flashing their lights and everything but how can they be looking to overtake when you are travelling at the legal speed limit? Clear off and slow down I say.


I think it’s more to do with trying to manage a trolley full of shopping and a load of kids so the closer you can park to the shops, the better.


You should see it in France or most of mainland Europe. You get blown out of it for sitting in fast lane. Its brilliant. It seems unique to Ireland. Full of bellends who haven’t a clue how to drive on motorway. In fact, Dublin is the worst. You’ll find our country cousins will generally stay in the slower lanes.


Thanks be to God. Thought it was just me…


The word ‘robust’ should be illegal, with community service for those who use it.
Also those sad programmes about so-and-so has talent, strictly whatever and all dragon nonsense has to stop.


Hozier’s hair.

Either tie it back, get a gig on Poldark, or go with a full on Lemmy jobbie.

Just make your bloody mind up.


The fucking m50


The M50 is grand, one of the most scenic car parks I’ve ever seen.


Don’t know about that lol I rember before the all Ireland with Kerry the outside Lane of the M7 being clogged with Kerry cars and the inside Lane virtually empty! Made it impossible to over take as mine of the deckers would let you out.

And - wankers who don’t dim their full beams. Even worse with modern ultra bright lights.


People who drive with one headlight. Do these people not have to do the NCT ever??


People who can’t park in car parks and take up 2 spots - you know who you are!


The missus trying to paralell park. An ordeal


People in work who don’t refill the kettle after taking the last available cup of water from it. There should be a special corner of hell reserved for the selfish bastards.


They should be executed for that offence selfish ■■■■■. Or the dopey ■■■■ who George formans kippers. He knows who he is.


Fuckers who constantly switch Lanes in heavy traffic. ■■■■■.


Pricks. It’s always very apparent when the hour changes in October and it’s dark at rush hour. The unlit back roads between Swords/Kinsealy/Balgriffin are terrible for it.


If you are caught with one headlight you should have 48 hours to present at a Garda station with it fixed - just like showing your license etc or else get 3 penalty points. That would sort it.


was grand for me spinning into work after i dropped the oldest lad to school ,
although one of the lads in my old job was driving his misses car to work to drop it off for a service - lost a wheel on route on the M50 yesterday morning.