Pet Hates


Back in the day, selling the tickets to the cinema , the traveler ladies wallet of choice was their Bra.

i can still remember the day a traveler kid paying £3.95 for his kids ticket to toy story and paying for the ticket by tipping a sock full of coins into the payment hatch.

I miss those days


You would think so, yes. Maybe taking a note (that has come from your wallet) from your hand is less hazardous as they don’t have to touch your hand directly to take it. When they give you back change, they do.


One of the biggest pains in the ass is people in shops with NO money! Buying a packet of fecking chewing gum with a card!!! At least the tap has improved things but I can’t understand people going around with no cash. If I didn’t have €300 in my pocket I’d feel naked.


Another pet hate, someone sits beside ya on a bus and a bang of smokes of them. Especially if they had just put one out before they got on. Horrible.


People that don’t indicate at roundabouts or even when turning.
People that just stop in the road without warning.
People that don’t say please and thank you - manners are free!
People that can see something from 90 yards away when you’re right beside it!
As a ref, getting handed a €50 after a match and been asked if you have change, yeah my wallet is in my back pocket!
People that park in handicap spots or family spots at supermarkets
People that leave their plates and cups in the sink in work when the dishwasher is right beside it!
That’s it for now, I’ll think of more no doubt!


I NEVER carry cash… you are showing your age buddy old pal :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nah … you’re just a skinflint … :smiley:


People who drive the wrong way into petrol stations and then look at you funny when you come face to face (bumper to bumper) with them at the pumps…
It’s not hard (even when there are no signs), it works the same as a roundabout!!!


Even typing this has me all fired up!!!


Now that you mention it, designated ‘parent and child’ parking spots for the first 50 places in every shopping centre car park. FFS if you can’t manage to control your kids walking a further 10 yards through a car park don’t bring them shopping.


It’s the extra space for parents/toddlers that a buggy needs. But I agree, they shouldn’t be any nearer to the shop!


yip . Gas some lads parking in there when they have kids that are 8 or 9 years of age.


That’s my point really, i don’t mind the wider bays as such but my uncle is 83 and still drives to the shop every week. To have him parking the far end of a car park trying to toddle past mums a quarter his age parked at the door is mad for want of a better word.


Yes, by all means, make a rambunctious toddler walk all the way across the carpark, avoiding all the other cars in said carpark, while his Mammy tries to push another buggy and a shopping trolley? That sounds like a great idea. :face_with_monocle:


Never been an issue for me. Obviously bad parenting!!!


The wife does all the grocery shopping for Chez Rochey then so? :wink:


Microwaving fish should be illegal


Another car one, people who can’t drive on motorways and they just sit in the overtaking lane when they aren’t overtaking


It’s banned in my job. Talk to your HR Dept if its a work issue. You’re on you’re own if it’s the missus.


I actually find that generally the fastest moving lane during busy times on the M50 is the driving lane, as most drivers come onto the motorway and move straight into the middle, 1st overtaking lane, and then move between there and the furthest right lane!

A lot of people think that the driving lane is actually the “merging” lane, and you’re meant to come onto the motorway to that lane, then move into the driving lane in the middle - drives me mad.


Even if they’re dead?