Pet Hates


People who don’t get sarcasm!! Haha I am done now! I call a truce


Lads eating tuna sambos or scoffing hard boiled eggs at the desk or in any enclosed space!


Billy Connolly used to say his radio was peddle dashed with muesli from him shouting at the radio


The Season Ticket Office.


I never accused you of actually shagging them, if you want to get technical about it. Your last solicitors letter made that difference very clear.
:sheep: :heart_eyes: :sheep:

Bad drivers who don’t understand the basic concept of correct road position & who trundle along in the middle of the road all the time. They then remain there when they get to an intersection or roundabout, completely oblivious to the drivers behind them who are turning left or right. Even though the road is perfectly capable of accommodating two lanes of turning cars, these twits just luuuuurve to block everyone. The pricks !


Shite parking.


People mistaking Eric lowndes for duirmo


People who keep talking about that ex-Dubs player who shall be nameless. And clubless.


People who don’t indicate on roundabouts.

Or - very rural complaint - those who drive at 40mph everywhere.


Or they do indicate. But the indicator stays on the entire time they are going around the damm thing and for about 10 minutes after. Far more dangerous than not indicating at all imo.


Yes that too. Also stupid overtaking and then you end up right behind them at the next intersection anyway.


The dog walkers who put their pets poo in a small plastic bag and leave it on the ground or hanging from a bush in Tolka Valley Park. Almost unbelievable but they do that!


Really? Jesus wept? No bins?


Overtaking on the inside, especially city roads, and near junctions. Lunacy


They’ve bins now around Ashbourne for dog waste . Great move by the council.


This drives me up the wall, I always mean to go back into the shop again and put the money on the counter when paying but I always end up handing it to them anyway and getting annoyed again when they put the change on the counter


Friend of mine who works in retail says she does it for health and safety reasons, aka she doesn’t want to be catching your manky cold and fly germs of your paw, as she hands you back your change. It does come across as fierce rude alright.


That drives me mad too - and it seems to be a recent thing. What’s it about? Is it some type of power-play? Or are they just lacking the basics of social niceties?

Another thing I hate is when you’re in a newsagent getting a few things like a paper and milk and you ask for a plastic bag and they just pass it over without opening it, never mind packing it.

Though it must be said, that DOES NOT happen on Vernon Ave in 'Torf. The bag is always opened and filled.


i love when people who work with food have those little plastic gloves on for H&S and then proceed to handle your money/change with the glove on … eh … err … nevermind


Would they not be catching all my dirty germs and diseases when I hand over the money to them?