Pet Hates


An “unemployed” unicyclist etc. or anyone who ever kicked a ball is a GAA, Soccer, Rugby “STAR”


People who take photos of their food, you’re not going to look at it ever again and the 10 likes you get on Insta won’t make the avo taste any better


People who are not exactly teenagers, behaving like they were in selfies etc, thumbs up, pursed lips etc…, Thinking of which , as much stick as we give teenagers for being phone addicts, I get the feeling that middle aged folk are slowly but surely becoming even more addicted than the kids.


Stupid, attention-seeking social media posts…

I like Hal Cruttenden’s take on it…


This happened to me too with Vodafone. I rang up to cancel and they told me I was in an 18 month contract with 6 months left, I didnt remember ever been told about it. They wanted 250 odd quid and I asked was there anything that they could do to which they said no chance, even went off and asked his boss.
So after the next call I asked them to pull the call where I was advised I was on a new 18 month contract. I got a call back 2 days later to tell me that I was never advised and there was no money due to them

Phone watch are sneaky fuckers too. I realised my alarm wasn’t working, when I rang them they said they had no way to see if it is not working, even though I was paying them around 40 per month to Monitor it!! SO I told them I wanted to cancel it, and again, same bull that I am in a contract and have to pay a termination fee, around 200 quid. I asked when I signed the contract and they said you dont sign it, every year they send out a letter advising that the old contract is about to expire and will be automatically renewed for a new 12 month contract if you DO NOT respond! I’m still fighting that one as I dont remember ever getting those letters either


Good shows been cancelled :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: