Paths of the Dead - The All Ireland SFC Qualifiers & All Ireland QF Thread 2017


Naw, just being honest. Kerry are consistently there or thereabouts, even in so called “transition”.

I wouldn’t be overly worried playing them. If it’s a shootout, we probably win. We have a better deadball specialist, and Galway have shown that the Kerry backs can be carved open with a route one running game. We learned long ago how to deal with Donaghy. IF we meet them in the final, I would expect Cluxton to be come the only man ever to lift Sam as captain four times.


Great performance yesterday. Talk about blowing the dirty diesel away. From the first minute you could see how up for it Mayo were. So we now have a top 4…:wink: It was top 3 on Sunday night according to the Sunday Game clowns.

In truth though Mayo are not as bad as we have shown in recent weeks and not as good as yesterday…somewhere in between. Another titanic battle in 2 weeks and a huge performance required to beat Kerry. I don’t think Mayo can go into the Kerry game thinking about revenge for Limerick and loose the heads…its all about maintaining performance, improving and progressing to the next step.

Two mouth watering semi finals in prospect.


We are now at the last 4 - the four teams that the dogs on the street said would be in the semis as soon as the draw was made. The mostly competitive games in the provinces followed by the QF tankings show the real gulf that exists … and appears to be worsening.


In fairness they where right, yis where shite up till now till you blew the deer in the headlights Roscommon away. I’d be holding judgement to see where yer at till you play Kerry. While you guys will step it up I can’t see you beating them, don’t get me wrong Id really enjoy Mayo beating the animals, but I just can’t see you doing it. Regardless good luck in that match.


I was thinking the exact same thing, fair play to Mayo there name seems to be on it this year. :relaxed:


Nobody is getting carried away as we have been here before. Still a mountain to climb in my opinion and Kerry are indeed favourites but we will give them a good rattle and see where it takes us.


How do you explain the difference in performances? And without Lee Keegan?


mentally weak end of and it cant be dressed up any other way


Lee had a foot problem (major blister I believe) and the story circulated in the county during the week. While he looked fine warming up, I believe he only had 15-20mins in him and would only be used if needed.

As for the performance, attitude was spot on yesterday. We played without fear and went back to our running game. In fairness we have played like that in games this year for flashes, 10 mins here and there but then dropping off. I can’t explain how it all just came together yesterday but it was (as a Mayo fan) great to see.

I am under no illusions though of the task ahead in 2 weeks. Yesterday means nothing unless we go all the way. That is the harsh reality of it.

Only negatives for me was have we shown our hand to Kerry? Alan Dillon coming on when really Evan Regan or Fergal Boland should be given confidence boosting game time.


Yeah surprised to see Alan Dillon. A couple of the younger lads kicked nice points late on but it was like a training session at that stage. Doherty is really not up to it and I can’t understand Rochford’s persistence with him - not least at the expense of Loftus who could probably do with a bit more game time. Mayo also kicked some bad wides yesterday (ten I think?) and dropped some awful shots into the keeper’s hands (Dillon did too) - masked a bit with the final total.


A very good game, against a very poor opposition.

That soft underbelly won’t get toughened up by Turkey shoots like yesterday. A twenty-Two point turnaround should be raising more questions than it answers.

If that can happen, then so can a mauling.


Rossies were awful yesterday as were the other contenders. You have to bear that in mind when handing out any AI contention talk. This result changes little for Mayo as now does the fact they teethered on the brink all summer. They got to the last four and it comes down to one game; thats the nature of the competition. But my money would be on Kerry and I wouldn’t be surprised if Mayo went and got filleted.

I admire their grit and determination but there is a world of difference between hammering Ros and putting it up to Kerry.


I dunno I reckon Mayo can step it up and give Kerry their fill of it, beatign them I dunno, getting filleted by them I dont see that. Though I can’t see Aido getting the free reign of winning every throw in that he got against Rossies. We will see if he can keep this tempo up against the KOTF.


watched the replay of the match, the amount of times the Ross defenders walked around and gave up was just perplexing, the space in the ross defense was bigger than our national debt. There are a lot of challrenges there for them.
Mayo missed a lot of easy points its goign to be difficult for them against a pacey kerry


Unless the GAA change the model this will continue so it’s old news really . American Football remains the only professional sport where true competition exists
In every other sport the strong get better and the weak fade away .


And the advent of TV money has exacerbated this with the strong getting much much stronger.


In a democratic association, change is not easily to come by. There is so much politics involved. For the GAA to try and do anything really radical (like scrap the provincials and go Champions League style format) they need approval from the provincial councils. The provincial councils make and control the purse strings all the way up to All QF stage. for that reason alone they will be reluctant to pass control of everything back to HQ.


All American sports are equitable as is Aussie Rules. Draft system is essential to equality. Can’t run that here unfortunately.


Pretty easy solution. Park the democracy and force it through. The current governance structure is beyond out dated.


Agreed. I don’t know can we reign this in . Clubs are being left so far behind because the top brass are only focused on the top