Paths of the Dead - The All Ireland SFC Qualifiers & All Ireland QF Thread 2017


Probably not seeing as though O’Rourke was born in Leitrim and his brother played for them.


That guy Keegan not playing today, he is a bit scary that guy and not a nice guy to play against so I’m told


When that fellow Keegan there in big games, Mayo are not an easy team to get through, that guy is ruthless as a defender


Handy for Mayo today, strolling through for scores unchallenged. Did Durcan strike out at a Rossie forward in the first half?

Will the Mayo hype machine go into overdrive now? If so it will play nicely into the hands of the KOTF.


as good as Roscommon made them look today you would wonder HTF didnt they beat them first day out ? and beaten by Galway 2 years in a row , doesn’t add up.One huge thing they have in their favour is they have now played 7 matches ,a good few of them went right down to the wire ,that will stand to them , plus they have got rid of cafferkey at full back and if Kerry play fionn Fitzgerald in their back line he wont have the physicality to deal with who ever Mayo put in against him.


Went to Croker for the Mayo Rossies game. On the way in the guy in front of me at the search area had his rucksack checked and had an offensive item ( the only item in the rucksack) removed and confiscated. He kicked up murder with the checkers about this and the Guards got involved. The offensive item was … A tin of beans.
It has been driving me mad all day wondering why would someone bring a tin of beans to a match in Croke Park??


But some would say they’ll be shattered … and they’ve a lot of older lads too.

I can never understand this stuff. Easy Leinster = never tested. Rest players = no game time. Games every week = amateur players, knackered. Games every week = great for a team. Play one decent game in 7 against a piss poor team = turned the corner. Three in a row = impossible, tired, mental fatigue.

Need to go to bed = now …


You have to laugh at how so many people write off Mayo with such certitude every year after not doing so well in the league or losing in Connaught, yet the evidence of last year was clearly that they would stumble through and then find their real intensity etc after the quarter finals (or in the replay in this case).

Yes they have pushed it very close to the edge in several games but they never really looked like losing those games either. Mayo are well in this championship as they were always going to be. But sure now the goalposts have shifted and it’s about how crap Roscommon were. I’m also stunned at so many people being up for Roscommon when we all know that would have been a free pass to the final for Kerry, and a rubbish spectacle.

Can’t wait for this semi-final now, going to be some build-up and some level of intensity and occasion about it. Mayo will bring about 40,000, Kerry nor more than 15-20,000. Aido to smack Donaghy early doors, and as for COC and the other dirtbags, well, pull up a chair. SO many scores to be settled it will be like a ripped up pools coupon by the end.


I don’t the volume will stand to them . I’d argue their form has been poor because playing that amount of games in a short space of time with the travel involved would take it out of most teams . Dublin aren’t appraised with qualifier route so we don’t know what the toll is . So I don’t think we can claim to be experts on assuming that the volume of games has no impact on form

Mayo are an older team now back at the stage they want to be . We will see now where they are at . they’ll give Kerry a serious examination in my view


Funny thing is their best performance was the last game, by your theory it should have been their worst as they should have been out on their feet. But they looked fitter, faster and more intense than all year.


But they had a longer rest period then previous games plus they were playing a team that has no conditioning for this level of football to play in successive weeks
Kerry have struggled through the qualifiers too previously and look at the players they had


When you match up the two teams, there’s very little between them. If anything, Mayo have more athleticism. So If Mayo repeat yesterdays intensity and play a running game against Kerry they’d have every chance of causing big problems against them . Kerrys half forward line is average relatively speaking and their half back line isn’t great when being run at. Biggest issue for mayo us they tend to have howlers in defense at times and if they do again, kerry’s guile and full forward line will punish them with goals. Kerry probably have the better manager also.

I also wouldn’t really trust Mayo in a tight game So they’d want to have a three point lead going into injury time to win.


Maybe they thought it was a can of worms?


You would say anything, the bottomline is they have been playing week in week out , extra time included and at the end of it all they looked sharper than they have all year. These things are always the same if they win. Well folks say the games stood to them if they lose it was too much.


Or Pandora’s box …


So would you say anything in fairness so pot calling kettle black . But I think most beforehand predicted a paddling for Roscommon


Agree on that Rossies missed the boat the first day , Mayo were never going to be that poor again


I’d rather get Kerry to be honest. Beating them is always sweet, even if it carries the risk of being beaten by them, that’s just sport.

The thing is, you kinda know what Kerry will bring to a game. Sure, there will be a curveball in there, and management will have to plan a counter strategy, as well as a strategy of their own - but at the end of the day, Kerry consistently show up and nearly always put their best foot forward.

Mayo on the other hand, is a coin flip. They should have lost to Roscommon first day out, and then they come back and hammer them by 22 points. How the hell can anyone explain how that kind of turnaround can happen in 10 days? They weren’t replace by Cyborgs for the second encounter. They had their best player on the bench for the replay. I know the Rossies were atrocious, but not -22 atrocious.

No-one knows what Mayo team are going to turn up on any given day. I don’t think the team even know. More than anything else, it’s a lack of consistency that gets them in the end. They have to play that level of game again, at least twice more this year - I just don’t see that happening. Once maybe, not twice.


You’ve been Yerrafied …


well cut that leg off if it goes anywhere in front of our legs