Paths of the Dead - The All Ireland SFC Qualifiers & All Ireland QF Thread 2017


Well lads if anything james horan and David Brady will be on double time pay on off the boil. The hysteria will crash poor oul willie joes server. So be happy for the people’s champions, I know I am! :+1:t2:


They’ll have invent a new award after today. Player of the decade, perhaps.


Best performance since Jesus did his thing with the loaves and the fishes.


Heroic display of running into people and falling on his arse. Any other player wearing 11 for Dublin Kerry or Tyrone would have had 7 points minimum today.


It’s great result for us
Mayo hypeorama will start, tractors will again be driving over hedges, their metal strength or lack of will implode and they’ll blame the curse.
Kerry will have to show their full hand as they won’t want to take chances, no more poor little us we are no where near the dubs
Oh Roscommon we’re so bad they made the orchard look as rosey as Pamala andersons ass


Orourke and brolly were dead right in fairness.

Impressive from Mayo overall. Think it could be a cracking semi final between them and Kerry.


Didn’t think it was impressive, they missed quite a bit up front even with the Roscommon defense lying down playing who can sleep the best
Roscommon gave up in first half, mainly due to their age and lack of experience
Didn’t see anything to worry Kerry
That mayo defense can be opened up


should be two great semi finals. Though still can’t see Mayo doing Kerry but then again who knows.


Ah would ya stop . . . Kerry and Dublin to advance easily


Let’s hope Kerry make it through so th Dublin cats can lick the cream


I reckon both semis could sell out. 190,000 at HQ over the last 3 days. Some numbers considering the lack of competitive football.


Harrison, Keegan, Boyle, Durcan. Not the worst defence going now that they’ve started playing.


Far from the best


Certainly not shabby . Dublin forwards haven’t shot the lights against them either


Yet Bart yet
They are good but not at the same level


Based on what evidence?


Why do we struggle so badly against them? Opening it up here because I’m mystified too.

On paper Dublin have a much better side then Mayo but I’d much prefer to play Kerry in the final


Surely Kerry is a harder match there is very little between us, I’d sooner Mayo


Would rather play Mayo than Kerry for the simple reason that I think Kerry are better than Mayo. I would hate to lose to the KOTF because then the world would just be turning properly again and we would be put back in our west Brit box.


Went heavy on the double at evens. Won’t stay that generous for long