Paths of the Dead - The All Ireland SFC Qualifiers & All Ireland QF Thread 2017




He’s down well today scored 1-1 from play so far and set up a good bit.

He’s good but not exceptional.


Aido to full forward. Obviously that’s still the nuclear option that they’re practicising.


Mayo are dispatching them impressively but the difference between Kerry and this performance by Roscommon - which is possibly worse than what they put in against us during the league - is like night and day.

Mayo will get a huge lift from this, but they are also showing their hand to a large extent.


Good against weak opposition imo


That’s it. Mayo for Sam


If we beat Tyrone, and we’re 4 or 5 points up with 15 minutes to go against either Kerry or Mayo, no doubt Kerry/Mayo will resort to Donaghy/Aido at full forward for the long ball option.
Is this where Bastick’s presence within the squad will come into its own? He’d easily be strong enough for either of them and has plenty of cop-on to boot.


Philly is your man for that job.


Expectation levels now gone right up for Mayo fans … probably not the best thing. Kerry will not be any way complacent now. I really don’t see this Mayo team putting back to back displays together. When you’re hammering a team it’s easy to find energy … less so when you’re not …


4 mins stoppage time. Just blow it up


Great , now we have a rant of from O’Rourke .


Spillane laughing and Brolly shaking his head


Did Brolly just tell Spillane to ■■■■ off there?


Good banter at the end to save it , Spillane & Brolly softening .


August Bank Holiday Monday … Croke Park … The Return of the Startled Earwigs …


Rochford got the tactics right today and that was certainly a help, but ultimately Roscommon were so bad that it is impossible to understand where Mayo are now.


I wonder was O’Rourke and Brolly ever worrying about the Leitrims and Carlows of the world when they were winning All Ireland’s themselves. Imo there’s as many teams with a chance of winning the All Ireland today as there always has been.


No. There are only 4 in with a chance today. Back in May there were 33 …


Might be, I can’t see them doing that to Kerry.


I got it right for once. Call me the Tipster Cat :scream_cat:!