Paths of the Dead - The All Ireland SFC Qualifiers & All Ireland QF Thread 2017


We’ve been hammering teams & the talk goes to how we are the ruination of GAA , mayo put on a clinic today & are been lauded for it . Funny auld game…


Don’t think of it as comparing sports. I haven’t done that. You have. I’ve compared amateurs to pros in the same code. But Mayo here proving that it can be done. Same rest period as Rossies who are just muck. Like Armagh


Does anyone think Higgins and McLoughlin would walk in goals from 40 metres v Kerry or Dublin?!


Certain amateur teams can and some can’t, far from ridiculous. Mayo have been on the road since 2011. That’s 7 seasons of development. Think they won 5 connacht’s. Roscommon, bar one or two, are a team of lads out of under 21.

Mayo Tyrone Dublin and Kerry are professional in all intents and purposes. The rest, likes of tipp armagh roscommon Galway, are trying to get there. Reality is it’s unsustainable in football to slog them week after week. It’s fantastic that your wonderful set of soccer lads can do it there times a week once. Ask then to do it every week and they wouldn’t. And it’s a less intense sport.

Final caveat is that your bohs players are getting a few bob and have the carrot of attracting attention from the 4 professional clubs you’ve mentioned.


Honestly? I think it’s possible yes. Not as easy as that but lesser teams have done it to Dublin and Mayo this year


So you agree with me then?


No chance ,like the Red Sea there . Onky time we’ve been badly sliced up would the '13 semi .And yet we still won that .


Give me a boxer who’s been training for ten years, versus one who’s trained for two. I know where id put my shillings. There’s always an exception, and roscommon certainly aren’t that.


Less than half of them are and the highest paid player gets 3ton before deductions and also works full time. Even the manager has a full time job.


As I said, a few bob. More than enough incentive to perform.


:joy::joy::joy: will you stop.


A lot of slipping on that pitch.


Would that give mayo a big advantage against us given that over half our team are u25


With the caveat that we all know Mayo have been professional for donkeys years, same as a few other. The teams massacred in the QF’s are trying to get there


That type of ball needs to be put in more for Rossies.


COC … :smirk: Not even a score from play against this defence …


That looked a nasty fall. Hope he hasn’t blown his knee out


He’s grand thankfully


I know it is hard to see, but refs are going to have to get wise to this crack of grabing a lads arm to make it look like you are being fouled. Canning trying to convince people to watch the second half as if it was a new game:slight_smile:


No. Partly because the new players are surrounded by lads who have been conditioned for as long as Mayo, but more importantly are serial champions.