Paths of the Dead - The All Ireland SFC Qualifiers & All Ireland QF Thread 2017


Take out last week’s inexlicable draw and you have four totally lopsided quarter finals. The Super 8s are turning into an impossible sell.

Kerry will still take Mayo imho.


You must type really slow!


I think there is. I can see them beating Kerry


I canny believe how bad Roscommon are.

To be fair Mayo are playing well.


I dunno I can see them beating Kerry with a performance like that thoug


Eh lads , Roscommon are no Kerry .They’re making Mayo look a lot better than they actually are .


Imagine this performance after a week’s rest period :joy:


Yup, started to type, stopped to watch the first goal go in, watched the replay, put my head down to finish the post and the second one went in. And now another goal.


All over the fecking shop


You couldn’t judge Mayo on this - Rossies are clueless. Worst team I’ve seen in Croker in years …


You think Kerry will play like Roscommon? Which would entail not showing up at all?


He was barely touched as went forward


Again , down the middle.

Whatever about Armagh & Monaghans performance this is miles worse.

Blow it up ref , they are already dead

Mayo peaking at the right time ?


Its going to be a long 40 mins for the Rossies, must be pure hell for them out there


I say it in jest Alan - I think Kerry will beat them though it’s impressive from mayo to be fair


There is no bullshit in it . Trying to compare apples and oranges mate . Best left I think before you blow a gasket


Ah no.


It just emphasises the top 4 and then the rest play a different sport . Roscommon overachieved beating Galway


Turn on RTE2. Your arguement is being smashed to pieces. The team that has played 3 games in 3 weeks are 13 points up and its not HT


I’d lay good money that the same four teams will be in the semis next year and the Super 8s will be a total damp squib.