Paths of the Dead - The All Ireland SFC Qualifiers & All Ireland QF Thread 2017


Not a hope in hell that happens.

You can just see the queues out the door to buy tickets to support your regional structure.

We couldn’t even get Dublin split in half without uproar.

Whatever happens, regional structures are not going to be it.


It’s what happens in parishes the length and breadth of the country where clubs are amalgamated if they can’t field a decent team.


Just look at how Donegal. Monaghan cavan and Roscommon got on, None of them were anywhere near the top 4 when it came to the crunch, one was hammered by a 2016 d2 side that was in turn hammered by Kerry.
I dont really see the problem with having a top three or 4, the problem for me is Counties that are competing way below the level they should be at.
We need to get the middle tier teams to get their act together and I dont think any amount of remodelling will do that. It has to come from within.


Not so sure Alan. I can see why you’d respond so but it’s got to be considered a runner in some form or another imo. Different topic, but was O’Cusacks suggestion to get a team Ulster to compete in Hurling a bad idea? For me it wasnt if they were competitive.

If Ros, Leitrim and another wanted to amalgamate why couldn’t they?


Somebody touched on the in-fighting and politics within counties earlier …

That’s bad enough but you would have a better chance of getting a joint Korean team than getting some neighbouring counties to pair up …


Not so sure on that anymore . Even a regional structure will still have the usual contenders on top . However it would be far more competitive .
Current system is a joke now . We have regional teams in many counties


6 of the 8 teams in Division one played in the Quarters. Alot of other years, it would be Seven.


I don’t disagree with that but regional teams are on a needs must basis in rural areas and accepted by all involved. I think you’d have much more difficulty forcing it on people at intercounty level on the basis they are not good enough otherwise.


I think it has a better chance then a tiered structure because players have already voted with their feet on that one


This is true…but you never see counties pulling out of Divisions 3 or 4 of the league.


A tiered structure works for hurling. The players almost have the opposite attitude to the footballers. Louth hurlers don’t want to play the likes of Wexford and get hammered by 30 points. They want to play in a competition that they could possibly win. Why do football counties want to play in mismatches? Something has to give soon.


I think there’s a perception out there that on their day a small county will give a better team a game in football and maybe beat them. And maybe there’s something in that, albeit it’s very rare. But you couldn’t see Carlow beating Kilkenny in senior Hurling. It would be a massacre all day every day.


Would a much simpler solution not be to do away with the Provincials altogether? Put more emphasis on the league and have it a weekly competition for 14 weeks. Play each team home and away.

Top 2 from each division compete for Sam over a 6 week period.


Email Aodhgán with that one. I think you’ve cracked it.

Lookit, every single one of us could come up with something better than the current system, but it’s not going to happen except slowly, over a decade or two.


Not strictly true though. The counties were added ad hoc as each local kingdom, tuatha, and what have you were subdued by the foreign invaders. The current boundaries correspond quite well to the pre-existing boundaries, which of course ebbed and flowed over centuries as politics dictated. The only lasting line you could say the English invented was the border and sure that’s invisible to all true Gaels.


Good job I’m not a Gael, I’m a Dane, as all true Dubs are.


You’re a great Dane.


The English and Michael Collins. Let’s not get all Dudley Edwards on it.




It really is the only solution to this mess. The weaker keep complaining they don’t get to play the top counties enough .What you’re proposing eliminates that. The more I think about it - this is the only solution to saving the current structure. Have a top 4 at the end of it to playoff for the AI.
Next four playoff for the shield and all the way down to the last 4 based on the last standings with holidays and pooled cash for the winners of each section of 4.