Paths of the Dead - The All Ireland SFC Qualifiers & All Ireland QF Thread 2017


Was talking to a Nephew from kildare about the situation. I asked what he thought was the difference between the likes of Mayo and Tyrone and thenselves, he reckoned its culture, he said some counties unte totally when it comes to the county team, they forget club differences, regional differences etc, where others cant seem to get over things and clubs etc have agendas the affect the whole thing and unettle it.


So you’ve outlined a problem around a lopsided Championship and come up with three solutions, none of which are Super 8s. You then refer to a stale product that needs more competitive games and suggest that the Super 8s may or “again may not” address that. So you’re unsure of the exact impact. And yet when I raise my doubts around Super 8s, you link it to our hammering at the weekend and throw in the British Prime Minister for good measure?


Think your nephew has a fair point.
Some of the inter club rivalries/politics here present big problems when trying to develop the county setup.


That point is valid. Derry have huge problems with club divisions. I think we need an A and B competition. I know the “lesser” counties don’t like that term but they are never going to win a senior All Ireland. We have A, B and C level at club championship so I don’t see why county should be any different.


Personally thats the way i would see it. Sometimes these decisions have to bypass democracy. If a county won a B championship final against their nearest and dearest I am sure it would mean more to them than loosing a qualifier match. Radical approach is needed to sort this. They win that and get promoted to the A championship.


I would hope in some way that as GAA people, we would all have a vested interest in the health of our games and not just the state of health in our own back yard. If that is the case, then we have a duty to challenge where we feel it is appropriate.

Agreed, although I accept that this move would be seismic in nature and therefore very difficult to get through. Weaker counties have shown no inclination to embrace this approach, or as O’Rourke likes to state, the turkeys continually vote for Christmas.


I agree with you but the majority of players from “lesser” counties do not want to play in a B competition from what I can make out


I think it’s the threat to the overall organisation is the point you’re missing . The Super 8 is the first step to professionalism . I love the fact this is an amateur organisation but it won’t stay that way currently . The clubs are disenfranchised , the lower end counties have had enough - where’s the end game?


i can only see this as a money spinner for the gaa and the local counties where the dubs have to travel


The only connection to my initial post to yours was merely the fact I posted after you. If I wanted to reference your post explicitly I would have quoted you. Nowhere did I mention Armagh so perhaps you should re-read.

This debate happens here, and probably everywhere else in the GAA world every year after hammerings. It’s nothing new. The reference to Mrs May was a tongue in cheek remark re my opinion that the county system is the base point for inequality in the GAA. If you interpreted that any other way that’s on you.

Unfortunately I cannot predict the future re how the super 8’s will ultimately work out, hence the uncertainty. But from the outset i dont have a problem with it as a measure to improve the status quo. Anyhow, this is going nowhere. Best of luck.


They tried it 10 years ago with the Tommy Murphy Cup - some teams played it , other teams just let the juniors play the competition.

I don’t know what the answer is to it.


Relegate Sam to Spring, play the league in the Summer. It’s fast improving as a competition. Champo is going backwards.


No thanks. I’m fine with what I read. Backtrack all you want.


[quote=“TheLoneRanger, post:1993, topic:2129”] I love the fact this is an amateur organisation but it won’t stay that way currently . The clubs are disenfranchised , the lower end counties have had enough - where’s the end game?

I agree with all that I quoted but the alienation of clubs is not new Bart. It’s been going on for quite a while. So has the fact lower end counties are screwed. They are, but bar an odd result from the beginning really. I just don’t see how two extra games can cause such commotion re unfairness.

I’m not sure where the end game is tbh. I would have thought tiered structures as the least radical but how do you go about enforcing an idea that seems deeply unpopular to those it’s supposed to benefit. If you can’t tier it imo you pretty much have to rip it up and start again to achieve fairness.


The hammerings would then happen in the league, the league is good because the teams are not at fuĺl strenght or fitness creating a leveller playing field.


I would imagine that the Super 8 team list == Division 1, give or take a team, maybe 2.


Monaghan is a good example here. They were rightly praised last week for their ability to challenge given their relatively small population. They have always been competitive in the League and many mentioned last week Monaghan putting it up to Dublin in the Spring. But the League and C’ship are chalk and cheese. And the Monaghan lads are playing League/Champo non-stop. How many Dublin players played in Breffni or Clones?


Would the Super not be a better prospect if you tiered the superness for want of a better phrase.

Top 8 teams- Super 8

Middle 8 teams- Kinda Super 8

Low Middle Teams- Just About Super 8

Bottom 8 Teams- Not Super 8

Obviously being flippant with the naming of the above proposal.

But the Super 8 kicks in after the provincials, could it not make sense t have 4 tiers of superness and give all county players a crack at their province and then try to win a national title in a suitable championship?


To me I’d kick the 32 counties to touch and operate 10 regional structures . It’s heading that way anyway


Not really because with that system I assume the Super 8 will be Provincial Winners and 4 Provincial Losers.

Thus we’d end up with potentially a shite team from Leinster (Meath), a poor team from Connaught (Sligo) and a poor team from Munster (Limerick) being deemed ‘Super 8’.

I think it’s fair as it is, 4 provincial winners and let the back door system sort out who the other 4 teams are that summer that deserve to be part of the super 8.