Parson Cup 2017


St. Kevins/Killians beat St. Annes tonight 4-09 to 0-09


Counsel 1-12 Kevin’s/Killian’s 1-14

Tight all the way thru. Competitive game.


BSJ had a big win over St. Annes


Nh Barrog 3-13, St Marys 3-7


Wild geese 2-19. Garristown 10 points. Played tonight


St Marys 3-18, Wild Geese 2-9


Naomh Barróg beat Na Gaeil Óga.


BSJ 4-15 KK 1-13. Played last night


Is it top 2 into semis or just the top team?


Margarets v BSJ & James Gaels v Barrog


I didn’t think there was semi finals?


maybe not - I’m not 100%


Does anyone know if it’s semis or straight to final


As far as I know all cups this year are top team in each group to the final.
No semis etc. in any cups.
But i’d say @Boarddelegate1 could confirm.


Whatever usually has the downloads. The cup gradings said what the qualifiers was in each group


Yea, and pretty sure they all have 2 groups with all of them being the top team in each group into the final!


Maggies beat James by 8 in final