Parnells senior hurling looking for new manager


Parnells senior hurling are looking for a new manager anybody interested can contact Brian Power (adult sports chairman)on 0868038517,good young side average age 24,division 2 and senior b next year.


Should be plenty of applicants


Hope so most of the lads started in junior hurling and the lower leagues and have come up the league’s together


I’m surprised Daly didn’t go for that :joy::joy::joy:


Who said he didnt​:sunglasses::sunglasses:


We trained in parnells last night, was that the new manager I say?


It was with us a couple of weeks now


Small hurling world it is


Ollie Baker?


Brian Cody


Ger Cunningham




Who is the new manager?


Not even Parnells could afford him


Management team off all the above not sure who is in charge but Cunningham has dropped half the panel as a team building exercise


Who is their manager actually all jokes aside ?


We interviewed Martin o Neill but he decided to remain in his current position