Our favourite non-Dub ressers


Having just read a very good post from @mayoman in the Connacht Championship thread, it got me wondering as to who are our favourite non-Dublin ressers.

Along with @mayoman, I reckon @Rufus_T_Firefly, @upthedall, and @Turenne are among the more popular amongs the Dubs here. Who was the Meath fan who used to post on the last conception of resdubs? He was decent enough. And Ciarrai_Thuaidh was sound, also… haven’t seen him on the new forum, I don’t think.

Are the mods awaiting mayo4sam2017 to appear soon? :sunglasses:


Are you from Dublin Beeko???


Dublin, Ohio.


Don’t forget Ballyer. Always impresses with his frankness and humility, after yet another championship loss to the Dubs.


JJF’s buddy,how could he be left out ? Think his postings should be in Irelands Own…


Ah, methinks JJF has a secret gra for him. He just doesn’t want to admit it…a bit like Bohemian Dub around Mayo people. :wink:

Exiled Ressers like yerself, deserve special mention too. It’s always interesting to get a glimpse of what life is like down in the colonies, without having to listen to endless rounds of an beal bocht.


Don’t forget Rochey either. Always nice to have the Kildare perspective




ya have me sussed! I think he is great. I love his ramblings and he loves macaroon bars… win win.

My money is on Rufus T! The best non dub resser though all mentioned are sound as well. I missed the meath lads contributions… whats seldom is wonderful.


In the interests of fairness and balance - for which all Ressers are renowned throughout the lands - I shall nominate Daller. If only to see him and Rufus enage in a bitter fight to the death, full of rants about media bans, Cavan trombone players, Nordie bias, Philomena Begley & which one of them Bart would rather be stranded on a desert island with.


I heard Daller was in Nando’s in Santry at the weekend and Rufus called in to see him …


Fooking knew I recognised them…


I think Rufus was just returning the hammer back that Daller lent him .




Ah, very nice to get mentioned in such exalted company!! I was ten years here last month and have loved every minute of it. Always well looked after over the years and always the best place for decent debate on football and always open to an alternative view. Was delighted to see Dublin’s success, as I got to see at first hand the long years of suffering each August during the bad times. And was great to meet up with some legends - Mr Blue, Harper, Whatever, dcr and the legendary Big Al. Great lads all.

Struggle nowadays to get the time to post but determined to remain here for a while yet! No word of a comeback from Doubleyoubee?



And there was another Meath guy, can’t think of his name. Eugene?


Both left when we started to win things.


The inventor of Bongos law!


[quote="_TL, post:16, topic:2042"]
And there was another Meath guy, can’t think of his name. Eugene?
[/quote]Yep, think that was him alright.


[quote="_TL, post:16, topic:2042"]
another Meath guy, can’t think of his name. Eugene?[/quote]

He went on to great things with Terry Wogan, revealing the legend on Blankety Blank …