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Still though, if it reduces waste…?


My three kids are always watching this stuff. They watch a family in the states too that basically record their day to day life and post it(not the Kardashians). They have soem life, they are constantly going on holidays, FOC I assume, reviewing toys and shit and getting well paid for it too. The young lad asked for a camera and stuff for xmas so he can set up his own channel. Fingers crossed!


You might live to regret that.

‘Skerries man goes viral after son videos aftermath of Dublin’s 5 in a row session’ …


16 year olds guarding The Palace now?



Ha! :grinning:


Very interesting interview on YouTube which I recommend viewing,

Pathologist James C. Jenkins was one of four doctors who did an autopsy on President Kennedy’s body after it got moved to Bethesda Naval Hospital.

He hasn’t spoken of what he saw till now.

Key points he highlighted.

He noticed the skull has been operated on before it got there. He noticed incisions in the skull.

He said the head wound he witnessed could not have resulted from a gunshot from behind. It was would only result from a gunshot from the right front.

The autopsy reports are not accurate. He did give his testimony to the warren commission but it was omitted and is still under lock and key deemed classified.

Anyone who believes Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone has not done the research.


Visited the Sixth Floor Muesem when I was in Dallas on the honeymoon . Was surreal. A lot doesn’t add up when you actually see the vantage point yourself .


I think most people’s honeymoon nights are like that…


Sorry lads , but oswald was just a nutjob who acted on his own ,most people forget or dont know he actually killed a police officer that day as well.


This is a really good watch if you want a bit of sci fi spin on the events


No doubt Oswald was a nut but it doesent mean he acted alone. Fact is the man was not a good shooter…do your research man


Was he a Mayo forward in a previous life?

SORRY!!! :wink:


I just did !

"He was also trained in the use of the M-1 rifle.2 On December 21, 1956, after three weeks of training, he shot 212, two points over the score required for a “sharpshooter” qualification, the second highest in the Marine Corps.


Where does Jim Corr stand in all of this?


He is down with it.



Probably in his attic wearing a tinfoil suit.


How do you explain the “magic” bullet then


Iam no expert on this ,but i thought that theory was disproved ?? There have been 4 sitting american preidents assassinated, and god knows how many atempts have been foiled ,through luck ,good intelligence or sheer stupidity on the part of headbangers trying to carry them out .


For the benefit of the Warren Commission, expert riflemen from the US Army and the FBI attempted to duplicate the assassin’s task, using the rifle that had been discovered on the 6th floor of the School Book Depository.

Even after fixing some of the gun’s mechanical problems, and despite firing at stationary targets from an easier vantage point, they failed to achieve the combination of accuracy and speed demanded of the lone gunman: two hits out of three, within about six seconds.

There is also by any stretch of the imaginstaion an unusual string of deaths and suicides to witnesses and those directly and indirectly linked to the hit on Kennedy.

The house select committee in the 70s concluded there probably was a conspiracy but with no definite proof and the passage of time we will likely never get the full picture. Indeed it is bizzare that the intelligence agencies still hold thousands of files under “national security”