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Eric Peterson

Nov 11

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It’s almost like we established an international order to prevent European warfare and ensure American hegemony, then lost all historical memory and decided to throw it all away.


Did one of the Healy Rae’s fart? :alien:


Paul Gascoigne has been charged with sexual assault on a train.
And I thought train spotting was a fetish?


Sexual assault on a train? I hope there’s no mis-carriage of justice! If he gets a lawyer he’ll be on the right track.


I clicked on a news story about West Ham being allowed to increase the capacity for their home games by 3,000 people.
At the bottom of the webpage, the usual clickbate shite… one a news story about a stabbing and look at the ad beside it…


For all you Munners and historical Dubs out there:


Shane in flying form 30 year ago:


Plus ca change 25 years on!!


Hey Proud Dub, do you think young wans and de wimmin are still strugglin to get deir prams an buggies onto da buses, or did de lads step up, wha?

Jaysus I hope Billy Coleman was ok after those comments!

And is this you starting the revolution all those years ago Citizen Smith??



Somebody was only telling me the other day there’s a few of the old school bus conductors who have long since retired with extremely big houses and nice cars… it never occurred to me but back in the day, it was all cash and little or no audit trail… so some of the conductors were pocketing as much cash as they were handing back in to the depot at the end of the day!


Well I know a few ex-conductors and drivers and at the very least the income of drivers the last 15-20 years has been very very good.



Another “Good guy” with skeletons in his closet .



Stand down pun police, stand down.

This is too easy.

Even for us. :joy:


We’re in the wrong game lads :flushed:


Buddy of mine has a teenager daughter, he said the crap she and her mates watch on yooutube is unreal. Mindless rubbish that’d make tv3 seem intellectual.