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We have fooked the planet.


That is one hell of a burn


Anybody for a not-so-expensive luxury convertible?






from the keyboard of the incomparable Brian Bilston

Remembrance of Things Pasta

She blew her fusilli,
my pretty penne,

when she found me watching
daytime tagliatelle.

Je ne spaghetti rien,
I responded in song,

but she did not linguini
for long,

just walked out
without further retort:

a hard lesson to be tortellini,
orzo I thought.

And so here I am
on my macaroni

and now my days
feel cannelloni.


Sinead O’Connor has converted to Islam


It could happen to a bishop …


She’s had more conversions than Jonathan Sexton at this stage


::rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Should be good craic when she gets bored with that lot too & rips up a picture of the Prophet Mohammed, live on national TV.


Indeed. The hypocrisy is funny.



In fairness he was asking for that, got the ball too!


Poor Apu getting the sack. Racial or not?


The simpsons hasnt been funny in a decade or more.


See also
< insert name of Resser you’re not keen on here >


He’s from East Belfast too


Perhaps he was involved in the production of this flag ?


Will the bread be Ormeau?