Other shit that has no home Thread


China. a great bunch of lads.


That sounds exactly like what Le Pen, Farage and Trump would like to do with all Muslims in their respective countries.


True enough. The only difference is the Chinese can get away with it.


Brilliant :grin:


Great pic


Brings to mind Micheal O M commentary about a fox chasing a rabbit around Croker …


I think in that instance, the rabbit was chasing the fox.



Did you hear that kerry gobschite on the radio earlier giving out about speed camera vans parking near graveyards? … suffering jaysus.


They are right about them within 50k limits though…it’s a revenue generating exercise.


He wasn’t saying that, this guy was on about people being made anxious when visiting a grave knowing there’s a speed camera out on the road …


Are there “Dead Slow” signs outside?


“Decease your Haste”?


I wholeheartedly disagree


Meldrew syndrome here guy. There is a bloke on here who probably would’nt be happier no matter what happened. Bah …


And now for your 10p question, can you guess what this is?


A sea cucumber



It’s the Headless Chicken Monster.

(Masquerading as a sea cucumber.)


I was about to reply jokingly that it was just another piece of dumped plastic. The line “A sea cucumber, previously only filmed off the Gulf of Mexico, was seen floating near Antarctica” makes frightening reading, however.


It no more looks like a cucumber. More like an overweight moggy that caught too many rays!

They shoulda called it ‘bloated, sunburnt cat’.