Other shit that has no home Thread


Hmmm…Anywhere they want?


I’m not sure there’s many other places in the country that will give them a 7,000 Euro bar tab…


You must have some stories! :joy:


Eu7k would be a good investment, regular advertising in the media would cost a lot more.


They didnt get regular advertising for it. Cullen said it in his speech in 2011, since then have you ever seen an article about Dublin players in coppers? :joy:


You don’t want to know :joy:


Once was enough! My point was that if they went to a radio station and asked for a run of ads, it would have cost more. Cullen giving it one mention probably gave them more than 7k in revenue.


Hmm wouldn’t be so sure, reason they don’t go to a radio station for a run of ads is because they don’t need to. It’s infamous, not a person in Ireland doesn’t know what it is. Giving out free drink to sports players was far more an ego thing for the owner than any advertising in my opinion.


Infamous is one word, I’d imagine.
I can honestly say I’ve never set foot inside the place!


You’re lucky!


We’re Dubs. We all are.


This is fucking terrifying

Remember Boeing and the Orange Shitgibbon said there was no reason for grounding it. Until they were forced to because literally every other country on the planet had done so


there was a guy on The Last Word last week, the very next day I think, retired Are Lingus pilot and now an engineer. He was doing a real Frank Drebbin on it and - lets be frank- hinting that these aul lads in Africa and Indonesia cant be trusted to understand how these planes work. He went onto The Hard Shoulder about 15 mins later and said the same thing. Poo-pooed the likes of China grounding the aircraft (sure what would they know, eh, right?)

According to him, sure all you had to do was flick two switches at the same time and that’ll sort it out, sure these airlines obvously dont have “the systems” in place to cope.

Next day Ireland, the EU bans them. No sign of our expert. Then as we have seen, everyone else does so too.

Still no sign of our expert.



they have a few lads on that show that talk bollox


And the biggest bollox talker is posh boy Matt Cooper.


This is an act of war


Concorde flew for years on a known fault…French and Brits kept it quiet.


St P and his buddies didn’t die face-down in the muck so that this…this…strumpet monstrosity of a product could be whored on the fridge shelves of our supermarkets! :astonished: :scream:


Is it wrong that I want to try it.