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Wasn’t/isn’t ROCK’S schoolmaster/head Brother a Nazi?


Albert Folens was a Nazi/Nazi Sympathiser


Bloody hell


Give out personal info, it gets plastered all over the interweb for the profits of nasty multinational evil corporations?

I’m shocked.

What did someone say about the internet? If it’s free then you are the product…


Right enough, normally i’m Not surprised but I’m surprised a pregnancy app shares data with Facebook, that’s pretty shitty.


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Not a bit surprised. Data is data. It doesn’t care whether you’re trying to have a baby, or keep track of how many miles you’ve walked, or place a bet on who’ll win the All Ireland. There is still money to be made from it all.

I’ve often read a discussion here about some very random thing (like where to get some grub before an away game) & then a few days later, I’ll be on a totally different website, on a different computer, using a different internet connection, at a different physical location & an ad will appear for the hotel that someone else suggested eating at.

Everything is being tracked, watched & sold. Everything. Which is why I tell no apps or websites nuffink about nuffink I don’t mind the whole world knowing.


Sound advise that


See Pope Francis said feminism is machismo in a skirt. His missus is going kill him when she hears that.


I was sitting outside the pub tonight having a smoke and finishing a pint when I hocked up a huge gollier. Had a quick look around. Nobody there. Leant back into the seat. Threw the head back and whaadump. Let her rip. Felt great. Caught it lovely. 26 feet. Just brought me back…
Did any of youse ever have Gollier Competitions when you were younger?


We did. Then we grew up. I think I was about 35 when that happened…


Thanks for sharing .


Maybe this should be in the get it off your chest thread!!!




What tv show is that music from?


Cinders and ashes!!! Are you serious!


Oh bollix!
How did I forget?



Classic Dunphy

“I’ll tell you who wrote it. Rod Liddle he’s the fella who left his wife and ran off with a young one”