Other shit that has no home Thread


We had a bullock in a super calu store in Mayo a few years ago…escaped from the local mart.

Why do Dubliners need horses :wink: ?


To give lifts to the culchies back to the border - :sunglasses:


John Cummins SuperValu in Ballinrobe bringing fresh meat to the next level!!!


Have you not seen Into the West @mayoman


To make wurly burgers


Jesus don’t tell me ye made a film about the time ye crossed da Shannon? :slight_smile:


Me too, 100%


Newcastle Geordie?



And what’s that bit in the middle… Awfully, West Mordor?


Read it and weep, ya shower of c****. Do ya know where the 5 lamps are?

Shit, never took the screen-shot. Am a Leinster red and a deep red on the Northside of Dublin!

Yes shower of c****! :slight_smile:


Yeah, not sure what that’s about :grinning:


They actually had me in Croker . Call yer self dubs . Ye all had culchie grandparents too I bet .


Dog intervenes in cat fight


There s usually about 3 or 4 security guards at the entrance there. I m surprised this happened tbh.


They were in on it


Just noticed that it seems like Donegal, Cavan and Monaghan are part of Northern Ireland :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


Predominantly Dublin with a dash of Sligo :confused:


But that was back in 1983?


Spare a thought for the resser currently on a family holiday in florida who cant log in because walt disney has blocked the site as it contains a banned word.

Is it coddle?