Other shit that has no home Thread


Well I had a whale of a time :rofl:


I guy I went to school with went to Japan to train as a kamikaze pilot. I never heard from him after.


Did your terrible joke just crash & burn?


Have to stop you there interesting people and interesting place to visit, but highest suicide rate in developed world and where culture is the live to work. Paddy may have a shite transport system but he works so he can afford to live.




Has good points - but for me is also a) very sexist, b) mad attitude to alcohol c) crazy work culture where it’s about time spent in work rather then achievement.

I never met a Japanese person I didn’t like, but I wouldn’t want to be one of them.


Speaking of where people are from, this is good…


Know a couple of japanese people in ireland, sound out, both left Japan because of the work culture. Would love to visit sometime.


One of our very own here @Signylin spent nearly 18 years there. He could tell a tale or two about the place. Though am surprised they never deported the fella! :grin:


Got me spot on


I’m sure if you ask them they’d only be too happy to have you call on them


Got me right also.


ah sure it was only the two times they really threatened to deport me…


Roscommon is now trending on Twitter - there’s a first - coz every one speaks with a Rossies + somewhere else dialect apparently. :joy:

'Cept me. I got Dublin…Drogheda & Kilkenny. WTF !


I got Dublin and Roscommon


Ah cudda been worse. Cudda been Cawrk.

Fate worse than…


My missus is Japanese and I’ve been over there 5 or 6 times. There’s a small, but active Japanese community over here, but from what I’ve seen, it appears to be mainly the women that move abroad, much more than the men.
I don’t speak the language, which I need to resolve, especially as our 5 year old is now going to Japanese school in Stepaside every Sat morning!


I got Dublin. On the hop and pumps. Scon? Me bollix it’s scone.



It was done so that the scrote bags could tie up all the store security and his buddies could ransack the alcohol aisle. Fuckers