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Thought you were its admin?


No that’s the other fella. Sure he controls everything around these parts. He even changed the name back from Ressers Cabal that time.



Not the first time Iran has threatened to level Israel…no wonder the Israelis are paranoid. Any move by Iran though would see them obliterated by the USA.


Daily Express is hardly the best source for neutral, truthful news, in fairness.


Just one source…the head of the Iran Air Force did say that though. I don’t agree with Israel’s policy on land grabbing but they do have the right to exist and the the Muslim countries around them if given a chance would exterminate them all.


There as bad as each other, if you ask me.


Sure that’s grand then so.


Not exactly an oil painting herself. Gee bag.


To be fair, the ‘Hosts’ on Aer Lingus are never really great and Your one Azealia would get it!

Ugly in the states doesn’t mean the same thing as it does here either…

  • books flights immediately…


With Aer Lingus…


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Not for your poor average citizen in Iran.


Think you missed me doing the ironing.


Jesus !


It’ll be interesting to see how that trial fairs out given it’s all circumstantial evidence.

Some way to go!


Fierce smelly too.