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Would it have made a vas t deferens what kind of needle he used?


I’ll ask my Polish paramedic mate, Vasek Tomic.


Just goes to show the pen is mightier than the syringe sword.






So what do we think of the new Aer Lingus away jersey?


Hate it. Hate it. Hate it.

On it’s own, it’s fine. But it’s white. As are most other airlines planes. Aer Lingus planes won’t stand out now as distinctively as they used to. White plane, a birra colour at the back…it looks just like 90% of all the other planes at airports now. And that’s a shame. The green was distinctively “us”.


Can’t wait fir that to go on ‘Brand New / under consideration’ I’d say it will be ripped apart. Not a fan to much white and pares back the most iconic element of aer lingus which is the green. Treatment of logo is lazy.


It’s awful…now it’s just another boring aircraft.
I can tell you the green aircraft in their current guise are instantly recognizable all over the world.

Whenever I’m in NYC I love seeing them at JFK among the airlines of the world…standing proud…it’s unique and Irish.

American Airlines changed their livery a few years ago and made a mess of it. But alas Aer Lingus ain’t Irish owned anymore so it is what it is.

Service overall has dipped from what it was.


Yeah, probably thunk up by some design consultant pencil pusher in Slough, who’s never even set foot in the country & has no clue about the emotional connection people have to their national carrier. Mind you, within Europe, I always fly Ryanair & Delta or American to 'Murica. Much, much cheaper, so so much for the emotional connection, despite most of my family being “old money” Aer Lingus aristocracy - as we like to to think of ourselves - since the 1940’s. :joy:


+1 on delta…best airline crossing the Atlantic from Ireland these days for price and service.


Really, really great airline. Atlanta is a brilliantly run airport too & they have a lot to do with that. It’s the worlds busiest too, which really counts for something. Going into JFK with them can be a bit of a 'mare, but that’s more a JFK thing than a Delta thing.


What’s with changing your name on the Ressers What’sApp group @beeko ?


Same as last time. Got tired of being mistaken for Claire Byrne over and over.



I was asking myself, do Delta fly to Murcia in Spain??




Salesforce announce 1,500 jobs in Dublin expansion…great news. They are also donating 1 million to educate together.

However the center piece is Salesforce “tower”…I know that development at Spencer dock…it’s 11 stories high…that’s not even high rise by international standards. New Salesforce Tower in San Francisco is over 80 stories.


They’ve a big presence out in Leopardstown too, so they may not all be in town.


Trying to get back in after you deleted me from it.