Other European Leagues


You can eye a wind-up as easily as you try one yourself.


From inside a sweaty Barney suit.


What the actual f**K is going on here?


Grasshoppers nicked a late equalizer to draw 2-2 away to Lugano. You can’t beat the Swiss league for excitement.


It’s just not cricket though.




Primeira Liga

FC Porto 5 Chaves 0

Benfica 3 Vitoria Guimarães 2


Why are you putting up highlights of Portuguese games??


So people can see the goals if they have a spare 10 minutes.


Videoton 1 Debreceni 1


Mad stuff alright. Mad.


I got excited there for a second, I thought there was a football team called Chavs.


This is definitely the maddest thread in my time as a Resser.


Shakhtar Donetsk 4 Vorskla Poltava 1

Dynamo Kiev have the week off getting ready for their 2nd leg with Slavia Prague.


Getting madder by the hour. I liked it better when it was a GAA forum.


It is a GAA forum. Just a heads up Dublin play Kerry in 10 minutes.


Macedonia League

Shkendija 2 Vardar 2


All gone pear shaped at this stage


Ah seriously ohm, goals from random soccer games around Europe are about as interesting as watching paint dry.