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Surely if they stood a bit closer together, they could hold more than 3,000 in the city of Niederkorn!


Maribor have scored 5 goals in 2 of their first 3 games in the Slovenian League. They play Rangers today.


Will be really interesting to see how Jagiellonia Bialystok get on against KAA Gent.

Ireneusz Mamrot is a decent manager and in Karol Świderski they have a real goal poacher. I am hoping to be sent a link later by the Sec of the JB Supporters Club. I will share with anyone who is as keen to see this one as me.


Should be a fascinating game - Khat Malodian may be back from injury.


I watched their crazy 4-4 draw with Rio Ave last Thursday.

They have Irishman Cillian Sheridan leading the line up top. Plus their best player Taras Romanczuk alongside wingers Arvydas Novikovas and Przemysław Frankowski.


I really do yearn for the days of Hudya Nikabolokov


Yes it’s a mouth watering frontline - right up there with Salah-Mane-Firmino. I recorded it and on watching it back feel that the Rio wingbacks were a little too cavalier in their attitude and were largely responsible for the four goal concession and let’s face it, you can’t give a team four away goals and hope to be in the hat for the next round - and they did and they weren’t.


Goalkeeping problems too - Roll van Lino is prone to errors.


Hard to believe too that Bödvar Bödvarsson isn’t getting a start.


Thijs van Longlanger is ahead of him…


That Korean that United signed this year is on loan with Rio and hes one that could turn their fortunes around, Fuk-in no-wan


Yes, and his partner in crime, Goan Askmibollixov. It’d cost a few shekels to have his name and number on the back of your replica jersey!


Serbian Superliga champs Red Star Belgrade have started their league season well. 3 wins from 3


Let me translate…

Are you for real?


After Ireland drew with Russia in Euro '88, Ronnie Whelan was being interviewed about his brilliant goal - a volley from outside the box - that put Ireland 1-0. He had swapped jerseys afterwards with one of the Russian players. The interviewer asked Whelan “Who did you swap jerseys with?”.
Whelan’s answer was “Something-ov”.


The only reason is because his name won’t fit on the back of his jersey.


You could just put Bodvar


His dad insists on the full Bödvarsson on the jersey because after all Bödvar is Bödvar’s son so he is keen he is known as Bödvarsson


If they can fit his last name on the back they can fit Bodvar surely


I think his dad once owned the laundry in Eastenders.