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Dermo left the pitch with his jersey torn to shreds yet again today. He hardly tears his own jersey does he. Lack of penalty in Croke Park over last two years for such behaviours means its open season for defenders to do what they want when marking him.
Vins were very average against a decent team, One highlight was a great return to form by Concarr


Meant to also add, that the ground in Longford was completely unsuitable for today’s game , the stand is closed currently due to some subsidence issue apparently. There was only terrace available , surely Mullingar only 25 miles away would have been more appropriate.


Aye … bit worrying to have a stand subsiding in a ground sponsored by builders …:flushed:


You’d worry how another long campaign will impact Dublin next year with Connolly. He’s more vital to the Dublin team then previously with others in decline. Mentally has to be tiring.


This is one of the most remarkable GAA stories ever, unbelievable achievement from a tiny parish team. Apparently there are only 300 households in the parish?!? Amazing!


So in senior club football it will be London/Slaughtneil (ie Slaughtneil) v Vins/Rhode and Corofin v Dr Crokes in the other. I’d make the Galway men hot favs on what I’ve seen.

In the Inter it’s Kenmare (Stephen O’Brien) v Westport (Leeroy!) and Colmcilles Meath v Pomeroy. No Leinster team has ever won this competition - in fact only one (Fingal Ravens) have made a final! - and there is only one winner from Connacht. Mostly Kerry teams win it and hard to see that changing this year - Kenmare look v strong.


Kerry only have 8 senior clubs in county championship. The rest of teams are made of amalgamations. In this current format Kerry clubs will continue to dominate club intermediate and junior competitions.


Indeed! It hardly seems fair. It’d be like giving one county 1.4m people and millions of Euro and expecting the rest to compete … :smirk:


I think Crokes will beat Corofin. They have a strong bench too with Micheal Burns, Jordan Kiely, Tony Brosnan. Good value at 3/1 to win All Ireland


I’d put my mortgage on Corofin if she’d let me!


Yeh, but their jersey bill is astronomical !


I have no idea what that means Unb, but it’s a great pic & somehow fits the post


It was my utter shock at the possibility of something like that happening to DC & that it might happen again :sweat:


Well it nearly made me choke (on my leaves). Hate it when I snort snot, errr…I mean tea on the keyboard…


Celbridge 1-2 to nil up after 6 mins!


On here if anyone interested



Good Twitter updates too at https://mobile.twitter.com/gaaleinster

Never thought I’d be up for Meath & Kildare teams!! :flushed:


Some end to it.

3 goals from Carrickshock in last 5 mins with 2 of them in injury time to win by 2.

Celbridge seem to run out of steam a good bit after building up a big lead. Celbridge had a great chance in dying seconds to go 2 up and dropped it short and Carrickshock went down and got the goal.


It was some Rockshock alright!