Other County & Provincial Championships ... bitz'n'bobz


Crokes v The Nire who beat Carbery Rangers in Munster


Will take beating . Classy forwards and that is what wins championships


Shoot … sorry. Glad I didn’t give the 1-11 to 0-08 score though …


I see Vins down for 2pm in Pearse Pk on 27th. Hard to see them not winning Leinster tbh.


Admittedly I was dozing off watching the game, but what I did see impressed me. Gary sice still has it! Must be well into his 30’s now.


Ian Burke is a terrific corner forward . Daithi Burke at midfield if he wasn’t a hurler would walk into the Galway football team


Will we ever say that about a Dublin hurler …


Good Lord … That Bowsie Connolly would want to be careful or he’ll give Dublin footballers a good name if he keeps this kind of stuff up :flushed::flushed::flushed:


Playing for the Galway footballers?


Fair play to Connolly and the Vincent’s lads and to Palatine for mentioning it.


Best of luck to every Dub’s favourite non-Dub today as Westport take on Ballinamore in the Connacht IFC final!

You know who you are …:wink:


Brigid’s been taken to the cleaners here by Corofin .


Corofin are clear favourites for the AI


Lot of bad wides from Brigid’s albeit resorting to shoot from long distance .


Vincents 1.07 Mullinalaghta 0.08 HT


Vins 2.12 to 0.11 in the end.


Another hiding in Munster too .
The Nire 0.01 Dr Crokes 3.09 HT

Slaughtneil through as well .
Rhode v Vincents the only provincial decider left .


Hard to see Rhode doing much. they were atrocious two years ago and they are unlikely to have improved. Vincents not as good as they were but should win pulling up.

Don’t see anyone beating Corofin though.


Is it open draw for semis ?


Slaughtneil Ulster senior treble.

Rhode guy spent the whole game trying to rise Dermo last time. Was awful stuff - hope there is no repeat.