Other Counties' Championships 2018


Aughawillan 1-8 Ballintubber 3-11 last minutes

Mayo-Galway Final


Home of football.


Moorefield gone

59mins Mullinalaghta: 1-6 Rhode: 0-6


Will be Dr Crokes/Corofin final. Can’t see anyone stopping Dr Crokes.


Probably right … But hard to judge as both of their county and provincial championships are very weak.


It looks like Mullinalaghta St Columba’s could be in a Leinster final.


Éire Óg might have something to say about that - they won 5 Leinsters from 92 to 98 and were the last Carlow team in the final in 2000. No Longford team have ever reached the final.


Who’s “Laurels”?


Mullinalaghta - it’s their home ground and twitter name.


Congrats again to @upthedall with the Cush winning the Ulster Club SHC yesterday.


Mullinalaghta St Cloumba’s Laurels? I’m glad I’m not designing their merch


Many thanks - and breaks the record for number of titles.

Before fixture came up, my wife has said she’d go to game (football only woman) but we’d a baptism instead.

I’d know some of families of those involved. But I’ve lived in tyrone that long it’s like a whole new generation have sprung up. Before I tried helping out with hurling here, but it’s like trying to promote football in KK.

Was reading the post match reviews of the game, and they kept mentioning 'the Dall; this and ‘the Dall’ that…

UptheDall is right!!


They’re glad as well as you can’t spell Columbas!


Corofin missing the 2 burkes as well. Might back them and put the hex on them


I was referring to their Nigerian twin club. :smirk:


Banagher at 8/11 with Paddy Power are a super bet to beat Mullahoran, ulster IFC.


You can’t beat Banagher!!


Absolutely incredible decision to award a point to Na Piarsaigh that was clearly wide and called so by the umpire. Ref and linesman overruled him. And there’s Hawkeye in Thurles. So why isn’t it being used? Game is level coming up to half time. I hope NaP don’t win by a point!


Originally I thought it was over simply because I didn’t think he’d miss from where he was and the angle it seemed to have gone over but as you say it was clearly wide in the replay and you could see the sliothar going behind the post and going wide. The umpire was actually in a good position to see it.


Hope you didn’t go in too hard, reading Mullahoran win 5-3 on free kicks after 2 periods of extra time finished level .