Other Counties' Championships 2018


This is the context, thought most of us would have seen it.


Taken a while to get over the line, expect them to win a few Donegal champs over the next few years now. Mc Niallais was excellent yesterday.


How many club championship has Cassidy now? Played well at full forward.


I wouldn’t say it’s more than 2 or 3, its over 10 years prior to Sunday since their last victory!



And Diarmuid Connolly gets 12 weeks … Jesus Christ. That dude should have got 6 months


Open season with a farce of a ban like that


County Boards wink wink nudge nudge … a joke


Shouldn’t be let near a pitch again. Saw the video, the lad he hit was actually trying to stop the melee, and wasn’t getting involved. This thug comes in blindside and lamps the player out of it…


laois hurling final saw a rathdowney erril lad getting stretchered off needed major facial and dental work. lads from camross were posting on social media afterward mocking him. guy who did it got a yellow which was overturned on appeal. a referee who was a member of rathdowney erril got a 4 week suspension for an after match melee.

not that any of this caught the attention of the irish times reporter lol


Can the gards get involved here or does a complaint have to be made?


And a former inter-county ref at that!!


For @Tayto


Good goal


If you get sent off in Kildare, just say your name is John Smith. :+1:



Be interesting to see how Bennettsbridge fare against Henry Shefflin’s Ballyhale. 2015 Junior and 2016 Intermediate All Ireland Champions it has been a remarkable return to the top table for them - now can they ‘Bridge that 47 year gap?!

Interesting Inter final too with Tommy Walsh’s Tullaroan taking on Graigue Ballycallan. And only €15 admission!

Elsewhere, in Kerry I expect Crokes to handle Dingle without too much trouble and in the West Corofin should add another county title. Barrs will win in Cork.

Because Pats had to replay Wicklow final yesterday v Rathnew they now play Rhode in Leinster today - harsh. Moorefield have a tricky start too in Mullingar.


Ballyhale should take them, interesting match up though.

Crokes been going poor enough by their high standards, I think it will be close enough. Plenty of fight in Dingle anyway!

Shamrocks been flat out on the sauce I believe, Moorefield might have it handier enough.

Tg4 have the KK hurling, what’s the deferred game does anyone know?


I think Dublin Final is deferred and Kilkenny final live




Congratulations to @upthedall with Cushendall landing another Antrim SHC.