Other Counties' Championships 2018


Crossmaglen are champions of Armagh for the 1st time since 2015.


Is that the “I am not a lesbian” player?


What a comment :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

Who cares what her sexuality is ?


Agree… Though I felt bad for her havent to make a statement on it. She simply should have told them all to ■■■■ off and mind yer own business.


Where is Lesbania?


Both Clifford’s sent off for East Kerry.


Straight reds?


Yeah think so. Looks like another sideline row too in it. Your usuals are reporting it…

There’s too many people on the line these days. Only the manager should be allowed off the bench.


I thought The Golden Child is out until next year, after having shoulder surgery? :thinking:


He was getting operated when East Kerry finished championship.


It was a shocking brawl https://www.balls.ie/gaa/clifford-sent-off-mass-brawl-breaks-hostile-kerry-semi-final-399314


No such thing as a brawl in Kerry.Just lads laying down a marker :wink:


Someone is going to get seriously injured one of these days.


Yep. And showing that “they won’t be bullied” which is how the army of O’Se’s with media gigs, generally describe any poor, wee, innocent lamb from Kerry, who very occasionally exhibits behavior more befitting one of dem durty nardrinners.


Mad score. And then I looked them up on the map, ahaaaaaa! (Cargin are based in Toome…) -



Clifford has to shoulder some of the blame


Gaoth Dobhair won Donegal; ulster club champ is wide open. Scotstown, Gaoth Dobhair, Crossmaglen ,Burren and Coalisland probably all have aspirations to win it.


Don’t forget Cargin …


Don’t know too much about them chief, despite Donegal club’s awful records in Ulster I’d expect Gaoth Dobhair to be very strong.


Could be the team to beat alright. Not a bad club side with the McGees, MacNaillas and Kevin Cassidy.