Other Counties' Championships 2018


Wow!! No five in a row then :flushed:


I’d fancy Glen Maghera (Watty Grahams) in Derry now. Probably one of the best underage club sides Ulster has ever seen, winning Derry and Ulster minor/under 21s. It’s filtering up.


Ballinderry v Slaughtneil reserve game.

Players fighting with spectators.
Ulster Council really need to get off their backsides & sort this.


This is a disgrace. The number 3 appears to be beckoning supporters onto the pitch. If that is the case he should be banned from the association.


And here are todays Paddy Power odds as who will be out of the traps first to be outraged over the outrage over all the outrageous slurs being directed at good, honest Ulster Gaels who all have to go to work in the morning.

Joe Brolly 3/1
Sean Cavanagh 5/1
Fermanagh Pizza Boy 7/2
Random outraged blazer from the Derry Co Board 8/1
Peter Canavan 10/1
Michael Murphy 50/1
Geezer 60/1
Der Bomber 100/1
Daller’s Ma 200/1


You left out Arlene Foster and Gregory Campbell… Joint odds-on favourites.


Nah. They are in a permanent state of outrage over something called “a dirty Fenian and/or Free State baxtard” so they don’t count. :tangerine: :orange_heart: :tangerine:


This is really good by Leinster GAA. They are well worth a follow on Twitter too @Gaaleinster


Still working on starting the All Ireland Senior Football Club Championship thread. Should be up soon.


Europa league match reports are more important


No it just I gotta find some information on all 31 county championships for the first page on it so its taken a little time.


Take as much time as you need, please.


Monaghan final on tg4 at the moment. Scotstown up by 4 at half time. Decent game in tough conditions. Very open by Ulster standings. Probably be a brutal second half :slight_smile:


I seen Stewy Lowndes and Robbie McCarthy helped Dunboyne win the Meath title


Split Dunboyne in two


My spies tell me His Goochness was a naughty boy yesterday. Wasn’t happy at picking up a black card & slapped the refs notebook & whistle out of his hand, a la Paul Galvin.

Will the Kerry Co Board have the stones to hit The Ginger Golden Child with a lengthy ban?

Hmmmmmm…answers on a postcard. :thinking:

I’m gonna out on a limb here and guess a big, fat, stinking N.O !


Not a mention of it …

This is good …


Did anyone see Dr Crokes game? Read somewhere Gooch slapped notebook out of referee hand and only got a black card.


Antrim SFC Final Full Time
Cargin: 0-5
Creggan: 0-4

It was 2-2 at halftime … same as Cardiff and Fulham …


Carnacon destroyed Knockmore 9-10 to 0-04 … the girl with health and safety issues got 2-08. I’d say everyone in Mayo is delighted.