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Have never had an experience like that in 35 years going there though I avoided behind the goals. The two times I went to stands for big games I seemed to meet all the idiots



Here’s a bit of Peter the Greats analysis where he talks of Kev Mc’s runs last weekend.


Absolutley gas, and not a slip of the tongue either, mentioned him 2 or 3 times, unbelievable stuff


If the Super 8 were in this year, one of the groups would have been Dublin, Mayo, Tyrone and Galway according to

I know there’s a lot of debate over this format but from a supporters view imagine that slate of games with a road trip to Galway. Drool.


I’m actually looking forward to it tbh .A mini league after the league .People predict it will be meaningless . There was nothing meaningless about our last game with Monaghan when there were so many permutations to decide the final .


So just like most years the KOTF get the easier route to the final :grinning:


So potentially if Dublin won group 2 and Tyrone came 2nd and Kerry won group 1 and Monaghan came 2nd. The semis would be dubs v mon and Kerry v Tyrone and if both Dublin and Tyrone won there semi, it would mean dub&tyrone playing each other 3 times correct ?.


Well I suppose thats what a lot want to, the big teams playing each other more often, but would it not be only twice, once in the super 8 group and again in final?


3 times how? Once in the group, once in the final?


Home and Away in groups


It’s not home and away in the groups, you only play each team once. So you get one home game, one away game and one game in Croke Park.


Thanks that clears some of the confusion, can I presume it’s a draw to set home and away fixtures which will possibly provide a challenge for supporters in getting tickets.


Jesus you’re obsessed with tickets aren’t you??


I wouldn’t presume anything. It’ll depend on who is playing who.

Quite frankly after this year’s quarter finals it’s hard to see people shelling out for three games rather than one, especially when it’s likely which one is for 1st and 2nd place in the group, a game where there’ll be shadowboxing a plenty.

The whole thing is appallingly thought out.


Find I need them if I want to attend a game.



This is really good


Excellent price of art really captured the likeness of Dermo.


Outside Croke Park? I thought that it wasn’t our “home” ground

Imagine the ire, imagine it :joy::laughing: