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Think it comes down to luck, have seen very little to get worked up about over the years on the hill, but you wil getl A Holes everywhere, I would just move to another spot .I think peole coming in and out of their seat in the stand is annoying especially in double headers


Can still remember Garda batton charges from Nally into Hill back in last 70’s early 80’s. Remember empty cans of minerals being taken off us, passed up to back of Hill, crushed then being fired into Nally or onto pitch( depending on who we played )…


I would’ve been regular on the Hill , lower hogan for the league then hill for Championship. Prefer to have seat in the winter months when there’s no crowd anyways. But always found the Hill like that. I don’t think I had unfortunate luck either, there would always be someone off their tits within ear shot every time, generally rarer at a 2pm throw in but not always. I’ve seen lads pissing into bottles and throwing it down the hill and enough drug use to make escobar blush. Challenging ever call the ref makes against Dublin with a litany of abuse that would make frankie boyle shiver and 99.9% of the time the ref would be correct.
Moved to the Hogan then because if you are pals with someone from another county who Dublin are playing, you’d be taking your life in your hands sometimes as some gormless fcuk spouts some nonsense at them looking for a reaction thinking the entire Hill found him hilarious or was behind him if you turned around and told him to fcuk himself.
It’s not worth the bit of atmosphere being there when you get hit by a hurdling bottle of piss (and oddly enough if there had been a bottle cap on it, someone would’ve been knocked out!)


Went to the hill for years aswell. Stopped going after seeing lads snorting cocaine off a €2 coin in front of me. Can actually watch a game properly now!


I used to go to the Hill but one time I was there this really old weird guy kicked me for telling him to shush because he was giving out about the ref and the opposition’s dirty play …


last match a parent brought their 4 year old to the hill yup kid you not


Last match on the Hill was Cork 2010 and the aisles were mentally packed that day.

Got the Season Ticket in 2011 & haven’t looked back…


Been going to the hill since 1981, have brought my two sons there last few years now they’re taller than me. It’s very tame compared to the pre 1990 days, if you get in early for your spot you usually are ok, I always go to section has its nearest to my old spots, would never go to c, behind the goals. Never had the bottle of piss experience, but remember the Garda charges with fondness, I was always above them lol.

I find that it’s worse for non Dublin matches, it’s a much younger crowd for those matches and they always get amazingly drunk and Ill


Yes, blue waffle. Google it…


At last year’s first league match of the campaign against Kerry in croker we were on the hill ,there was 3 ,I can only call yokes out on a hens night there ,they were pretty gargeled but were still drinking a bottle of wine they got smuggled in.The one that was getting married was in fancy dress ,and I am not making this up ,was wearing a huge strap on dildo ,visible to everyone .A steward came over to her and asked her to remove it as there were kids near her ,no joy !! Garda came over ,same thing wouldn’t take it off , so they grabbed her and escorted her and her mates off the hill !!.
Seem some crazy shit on the hill over the years but that was most surreal .


Dildo on the hill
Shayla la la la
There’s a dildo on the hill shala la la la la
At least he’s not reffing the match
Reffing the match

(If you remember brown girl in the ring lol)


Have been going to the Hill since the 95 AI Final (I tended to go to the Canal Before that). As long as you stay away from the area behind the goals and don’t go too far up towards the back it’s fine, no worse than any stand I’ve been in over the last number of years. Although it probably helps that it’s pretty much the same faces I see around me every game so it’s a pretty settled crowd.


I was in the old nally when the rabble decided to invade over the fence I was too young to understand they were just trying to get away from pat Spillane who incorrectly decided to stand on the hill that day


Any statements from the meeting with McKenna ?

The hill capacity been reduced yet ?


He was talking about the George :laughing:


It Will be reduced and they Will Not get any concessions stupid


I hear they proposed facing the Hill the other way and the delegation are gone off to think about it.


Put it on wheels, push it off down to the beach for a grand day of it after the match.




Inches wide, shooting into the Hill 16 end?