Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


I’d imagine most of the 57,000 follow Conor Mc Gregor too


I agree posting rude & derogatory comments is wrong and shouldn’t happen regardless . Passion can bring out the worst in us and sometimes the best & that’s not to excuse it in any way.
We are quite partial to using derogatory remarks on here .


Are we f***!


I’d say to placate the Croke Park vendors if their takings were even marginally effected by last Saturday’s FB embargo .


I go to the hill for the atmosphere and it’s not necessarily cheaper as I bring two children with me I purchase 3 adult tickets total €75 We could go to davin and it would only cost €5 per child when purchased with adult ticket .I am not complaining I make the choice.


is that you Barry come out where ever you are


You would swear reading what people are saying about blocked exits and the death trap waiting to happen why anyone would bring children on to the hill…

Personally i dont go onto the hill as i used to and dont want my day ruined by someone throwing a bottle of piss over the crowd or some scrote calling the referee a paedophile for correct call or the threatening behaviour to other county team supporters and chalked down to banter when they bite back.


the amount of weed smoked on the hill is unreal




Think it wafts over from the Hogan, some journos must be smokin it from early on , the stuff some of them write , it’s the only excuse


Luckily for me that has not been my experience and I find it dissapointing that people have had such an experience.would encourage all that is good about Dublin support to be the overriding experience on the hill.


Think bad experiences are personal and can happen anywhere, the woranywherk was racial abuse being hurdled at Jayo by Westmeath supporters in a double header, we werent even playing them. It was in the hogan. Not blaming the hogan or Westmeath, just a case of being near some morons, could have happened in any part of the ground and the gobshites coukd have been from anywhere


Nah and i will always accept that you can have a bad experience anywhere but lets not cod ourselves, there is a larger cohort of our own supporters who get pissed up and follow a lot of the mob rule mentality on the hill. Does that make for a better atmosphere, yes. LIke in any stadium when you have an ultras end of supporters.

I rather go to my own designated seat then be told ‘this is my spot’ and kicked in the shins by some toothless hardened sun shine supporter who thing we have 14 Bernard Brogans on the pitch and 1 ‘Cluxto’.


Does that happen on the Hill ?


It was probably me who kicked. I kick anyone that puts up an umbrella, or sits down at halftime. And the Hogan types who come to the Hill for a day out and shush people for giving out about the refs and opposition dirty play.


I’d love to go on the Hill some day to see what it’s like.

Is there a vaccination I should get beforehand?


Went to the hill for 30 years . But gave it up when I saw lads regularly snorting drugs and pissing against the back wall .


Blue tongue vaccine , meant for animal use though , any good vet should have it . Ideal if in the final against the Animaux


Posted this on the old site, but went to the Hill straight from a wedding for the last game against Mordor in 1991.
Was wearing a morning suit. To say I had the piss ripped out of me was is an understatement.