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All these pages popped up after the '11 final win .He seems to be a rabid Dublin fan who goes to every Dublin game at any grade regardless . Have to hand it to him for that but I think he seems to think his page is representing all of us . Sure he even has sponsorship on his podcast .


“Great to see your own backing you isn’t it? Our own County Board liked this tweet this evening. Gratitude for promoting all their games, including club championships, for them. Would they not be better served issuing the ticket details to supporters, which as of now 10.20pm, they or the GAA have still failed to do? Too busy posting the usual ads and shite I’d say.”

Going after the county board now!


I’ve said it before , it’s ridiculous , these lads that run these pages wouldn’t know a club game if it hit them in the head , maybe go Championship semi and final in Parnell and claim to be the best in the world at supporting , most of these clowns wouldn’t even have a breeze what clubs the Dublin players play and issuing ‘statements’ on behalf of all Dublin fan pages is funny , some of these people who run them are probably lads running them on their Summer holidays from school in their Ma’s box room .

I’ve heard it all now, McKenna must have a lot of spare time to be meeting these lads , I wait for the next statement from the onlint pages. How did the ‘official Boycott’ of the food and drink go ?


Cos both parties steeped in the history and radiation of the GAA?

Free Sky for all the facebook warriors …


In fairness they are not talking about club football, it’s the Dublin inter county scene that they are most interested in supporting. Can you support one and not the other ?


Absolutely , Mind you no county without club !

To be fair I guess when I seen they were representing ‘all Dublin fans’ it irked me .

Seems there is a lot of charity work with sick kids etc , very camendable :


They don’t represent me at all.


And the coldest June of the last 30 years. I remember being outside PP for hours for tickets for one of those games. And you would only hear about it the night before. No social media back then. And that was a preliminary round game. Which proves my dedication to the grass roots of gah! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What a numbskull


I love dublin gaa liking a comment about it being Barbies fault


You can. But I’d have little respect for you. Especially when you decide that you’re the spokesperson for fans.


Who exactly do they represent the majority of Dublin fans are club members
Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t all the Facebook sites affiliated to the same group of people that hang around with each other
The self appointed Don Barry is completely out of his depth and is just making any grievance they have even worse


Dont understand why the GAA are meeting them, but that doesnt alter the fact that there was something wrong on the hill on Saturday, the isle beside me, just on the cusack side of the goals, was full all through the game. The stewards didnt seem to be doing anything about it. I doubt they are selling more than usually so there is either a problem with forgeries or they are allowing people to concentrate in one area.


that’s true, seen 2 of them who run two separate pages have a pint after the Monaghan game.


I was on the right hand side of the hill and there was enough room for more
They directed people in there 10 minutes before the game started


Spokesperson for his supporters page which has 57000 followers . That takes a lot of passion and hard work, which earns my respect . like or loath his opinions or the man himself, if you wish.
I don’t have facebook and am not 1 of the 57000 followers.


And how come there are so little comments on his site no matter what the subject hmmmmm


You cannot expect to have any respect posting and entertaining posts which are so derogatory, rude to DCB and the GAA and are mostly ignorant of the way things really work …


Stop picking on @TheLoneRanger and @alanoc again, @Dub09 .


Respect that he puts a lot of time into the page but in fairness his main following seems to be complete half heads. He gives out about the bandwagon summer supporters but half of the comments on tickets posts are where can i get tickets or are tickets for AI finals going on sale on ticketmaster. ‘why do they treat is like caged animals…’ can’t stand it. You go to the hill for a cheaper ticket than the rest of the stadium, it’s not a basic human right to get access or

I would imagine the management of Croke Park are meeting just to push why exactly the screen is there and just hold the line in relation to the flag. I would say it will be difficult enough as FB rantings usually dont translate well to well-meaning dialog. I see he posted late last night duplicating my theory that the ticket mess yesterday was a big FU to him and his page.