Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


Social media hysteria for the sake of it.

Despite going to every game since 1901 there’s not a season ticket or Parnell Pass to be seen.

How f**king hard it is?

1 Check
2 Check
3 Go to or call SuperValu or Centra

But, no, let’s have a whinge with 50 other eejits who can’t do the same simple thing.

BTW these geebags have it easy. I remember queuing out in a back alley off Mountjoy Square for tickets for one of the Dublin Meath replays. I’m sure it was at 7am in the pissing rain as well.

Rant over…and apologies to any Resser who is genuinely stuck for tickets.


It appears he completely got the wrong end of the stick there with his initial information and has then given a couched apology (not my fault I picked it up wrong guv) whereupon all the P’ship followers are laying into the ‘scum’ organisation that is the GAA who gave no misinformation at all - but it’s all part of the ‘vendetta’ … Unreal. :joy:


Knew it would be spun that way :joy::joy:


I’d say whoever is in the press office or communication office definitely is singling him out. No doubt last week they would’ve fielded a lot of nonsense press calls and had to deal with the concession traders too about potential. losses to revenue. Sat at their computer watching the hysteria unfold and then just casually replying to the tweet that they knew was wrong.
Don’t have a season ticket or PP but know there are always tickets floating around but does never stop that initial twang in the belly of your stomach when you think you’ll be watching it on the telly…


Dublin GAA
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In the wake of the ticket scandal this morning where the GAA fucked over several thousand fans of their own game this morning releasing a dodgy statement and tagging a fan page as part of it. One can only assume this is some sort of pay back trick played by the GAA to get back at the fans for the boycott. This reaction is coming from me and a lot of other page followers


as i said they will boycott the toilets next, they will use the nally stands where the Cuala Ultras sneek in


Just read some of it, they guessed wrong then blame HQ for not having tickets available when a couple of arsebook pages said they would be. You can’t make this stuff up!


Guy has Facebook page. Guy thinks that makes him Jesus. Guy should probably join a club. Along with all his deeply unpleasant mates.


Future reference , dont be looking to these pages for information .Do we have a press officer here ? Could we appoint somebody , the nomination process could be hilarious :joy:


Good idea, he could join Vincent’s!


Who will we boycott first? The ‘hats and flags’ fellow on the Whitworth Rd corner.


Colm Parkinson & Spewan MacKenna :joy:


Or Na Fianna :joy::joy::joy::joy:


for christ sake this is pure cringe - these facebook pages have lost the run of themselves


The Dublin pages seemed to have banded together now as a cross show of support


Why is McKenna meeting these people?

The representatives of internet pages?WTF?


I’d say he’s doing it for the craic.


@whatever made an interesting observation on Saturday that if the collective concerns are addressed, we could be looking at a reduced capacity on the Hill.

Need to be careful what they wish for…


Some auld lad passed out on the Hill & apparently the guy who runs the page just happened to be beside him & assisted him …I’d say he’s pushing this


Still don’t see how that warrants a meeting with the stadium director.

Something very odd about these people.

And sure enough a lower capacity is what we’ll end up with.

It’s cheaper than stewarding.