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Am I losing it, or is that John Small beside Costello?

He looks like a fella doing his junior cert!!


It is John !


jack and Jones official casual clothing partner of the jacks. I can imagine the carrot munching keyboard warriors all over the country burning their jack and jones gear in moral outrage.


Bit disappointed with that particular one … would’ve preferred something a little more sartorial …


Jaysus Smally looks about 10! They all do.


Looks far from the lad knocking lumps out of COC last year on the ground :joy:Or was that Vaughan , well some Mayo player !


Think it was Vaughan but I’d be hoping it was COC.


If John Small got his hands on COC, they’d be organising a minutes applause in memory of COC this weekend!


QOTW right there :joy::clap::clap::clap::clap:


He had a thorough dust-up with one of them in the nets at the end of the game in Castlebar this year.


Free clothes, cars, and food. Should have stuck with the football.


You will always be a better hurler @_TL as far as I’m concerned. Never bow to the dark side.





Am I imagining this or…tickets go on sale today for the kerry V mayo game at 10 oclock… so half of Dublin go out and are camped outside of supervalu or online refreshing like a ma’facka then the Dublin Tyrone tickets never go on sale. Conveniently at 1014 the official gaa account, which never converses or @ replies anyone, replies directly to @hill16army tweet about tickets going on sale saying its not true. Does anyone think this is a big middle finger up to the ‘fan pages’ for the boycott etc. Or is this wide of the mark…struck me as definitely a personal touch about it…

Hill16 army have removed their post about it…


Whether it was a dig or not, I didn’t see anything specific about tickets for Dublin v Tyrone on sale so I guess somebody jumped the gun a wee bit & is copping a bit of kickback over it…


I don’t think it is but if it is the GAA giving them the middle finger id say fair play. Them pages are lowest common denominator stuff. Unelected spokesmen and women for the bandwagon supporters. Fook them.


As has been said here a few times already, our game is a week later than the Kerry Mayo one … Probably a load of people who don’t normally go to games now panicking having been at their first game last weekend.

My AC tickets will be couriered out as normal in plenty of time.


I burst my boll. Ox for my club and some twat thinks he’s above all us gaa members
There s a reason I’m barred from his site he’s a leach who wants to turn the dubs into Liverpool and Fock the rest of the gaa
Who is he to stop people buying food and drink at the stadium which will have zero affect on the gaa as its concession
I met him a number of times at league matches but I have never stood beside him at the same matches for a reason


Some might say a glorified Selfie hunter. . . . . . .

There was a lot of fans drinking pints from the Hill bar on Saturday, don’t think anyone really gives a boll@x.