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There’s a bit of Kevin Keane 2012 AI final waiting to happen there I think .




Perhaps Vaughan back in there but the worry for them is that they haven’t made any move yet in there


I saw the Sunday Game analysis from back in the day of that recently… it is brilliant… the fashion and the comments from Spillane and the other analyst (can’t remember his name, Cork fella, bit of a knob) was priceless. Slow mo replays of the punches and commenting on the quality of the punches and slagging fellas for ducking the row… before finally condemning it.


Tony Davis ?



well, there are two types of fans at work there saying the same thing but from different perspectives.

one type are those who look at a consistant team who are, it has to be said, perhaps the 2nd best team in the land almost all of this decade. Their problem is that Dublin, Kerry and Donegal have all taken the number 1 spot during that time. They look at the closeness of most of their battles with those number 1 teams and belive that they are literally one point off them. They are the quieter reasonable ones.

the other type is the one that shouts much louder, who cannot see reason, and for whom Mayo are the greatest team in the land and have been since 2010 and it is only (insert current tin foil hat excuse) that has robbed them of the all ireland. They are at it this very week with all the “Dublin Joe” stuff on the blog.

The first is more grounded in reality the other is the mad mammy stuff which really seams unique. The number of warnings people are getting on that blog from the admin for routine criticism of playes is staggering and is reflective of the mammy thing. he should see what we say about our lads on a daily basis, he’d probably faint.


Hopefully the same result this year but still not a true reflection of best team with a knock out scenario and potential for an off day.


I’m amazed the criticism this site gets . We are obviously well known throughout the land but from some of the other sites I’ve visited this place is very tame in comparison . I dont actually think they even read here tbh .


Really? Have seen very little negatives about our players on here.


Very true :+1:


Since he’s been injured - 2012 . He hasn’t had a good year since


we say nothing that would go amiss in the real world, but Lone would be banned day 1 o’er there for what he would say about players/managment and on his way be told “dont you know (insert name) is giving up his time/nobody is forcing him to play/how dare you/you cant be saying that about a player” etc.


“Play the ball, not the man”


After a sort of bad week for a Mayo town (Ballaghaderreen), have a look at this from Ballyhaunis. Is 15 mins long but well worth a look …


Fake news grandad :joy:


That’s brilliant, and gone viral by all accounts.


A rare sighting of Cormac Costello


Thought CC made his Confo years ago…


Looks like an early Boyzone photocall to me … except them boys there have far more talent …