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Well even shit has a consistency to it


That’s a bit harsh, since 96 they’ve been in more All I finals and semifinals than any team other than Kerry. And recently they’ve taken the champions to a replay on 3 occasions. I mean what teams do ‘feature in the greater scheme’? Meath have been utter rubbish for the best part of 15 years despite some clear advantages over Mayo. Cork could be in a similar period. Galway have done nothing really since their last All I, and prior to that never looked like winning one between 1966 and 98. Kildare? Tyrone still have 3 All Is too…


It’s not harsh - its fact Al. They have won 3 All Irelands in total, the last one in 1951. The point being that their fans have no right to look down on any other county - least of all us - and they are in no way historic national football heavyweights [except Aido]. All your near misses are great … but they count for absolutely nothing.


Course they count . If you look at Carlow for example theyd love to get to all Ireland semi and finals every other year


Nothing to do with what’s being discussed as usual B - as you well know…


It has everything to do with it. As a consistent top 4 side they are a heavyweight. And they’ve proved their mettle by being able to push us the hardest since 2012.


Talking historically here … maybe hysterically. Talking about the fact that a poster earlier said they will never accept that we are beating them because we are better than them. They have no right to assume such a lofty position as their record nationally is very poor since the GAA began.

Debate the point by all means but keep it in context for once like a good man … or go get a Brillo pad …


I don’t see the historical relevance for the simple reason Gaelic Football since 1998 became a different sport. Historical contexts don’t mean much anymore with the professionalism of Gaelic Games at the elite levels,

I think a lot of people in Mayo accept we are better certainly any I’ve spoken to . Mayo GAA Banter and Hill 16 Army aren’t two social media pages I distinguish between. Both gobshite central in my view.

This is the best Dublin team of all time and they are our best rivals since 2011. So currently they are a heavyweight in my opinion. For me historical contexts have long ceased. On the face it there is no obvious reason why they are so close to beating us at times but they have come far too close for comfort.

I’d prefer Kerry in the final if we are lucky enough to get there… I believe we have Kerry in a vice grip currently. I’d be more worried playing Mayo. However we still have to beat at least tyrone to get there.


Yeah fair enough it was a point brought up which had no basis and I think most Mayo fans would not think that way. Agree they give us some battles but like yourself I sometimes scratch my head as to why.

If this group don’t win an All Ireland there is no real Declan Browne or Dermot Earley among them. Lee Keegan is an excellent player at what he does (Durkan, and Higgins in earlier years) but there are very few you would say have that out and out quality. Maybe that’s why the wait goes on.


The route the Rossies are taking to a potential all Ireland semi final and if they get there, does it bracket them as possibly the 3rd or 4th best team in the country.You could argue yes but really !


The basis for my comment was that before each game in the championship that we’ve played them since '12 anyone I spoke to over there while I visited was convinced they would beat Dublin . Therefore they believed they were better than us .


The Championship doesn’t really reflect who is the best team or best 8 etc. due to the structure of the competition. A proper league structure is the only way to capture that.


Yes but it annoys them so it sound right to me :rofl:


Anyone I know from down there were always optimistic of beating us up until last year. They believed they had the team to beat us regularly but probably not the smarts on the line and they also certainly had the conditioning.
In the last 5 years we’ve met them in 4 of those years now. They’ve beat us once and drew twice so they had every right thinking they were a match for us as they’ve been the only team that consistently got close to us.Like even the drawn game last year we couldn’t put them away when we had the chance and were lucky to hang on at the end of that game.
They will win Monday and I wouldn’t be too sure that Kerry will beat them as easy as some think. Mayo have the players that will nullify Kerry’s big players and could cause Kerry trouble by running directly at them but Mayo’s biggest problem will be Caff at full back who could get destroyed by Donaghy.


Another way of looking at it is:

Played 6
Won 1
Drew 2
Lost 3


" They will win Monday " ! Possibly, maybe, potentially but " will " never.


The last 2 years the championship has been won by the best team the ranking after that is a pig in poke.


Donaghy won’t destroy them if they defend anything like last year. He’s getting on a bit for that.

Here’s another angle to this:
2013, they were favorites, and that was just about right given they best us in the 2012 semi, and had the hunger of having lost the final, where they got stung with 2 early goals but otherwise looked well the match for Donegal. But Dublin had actually won in 2011. But we hadn’t got much real credit for that, what with the KMM and NBA(national bitters’ assoc) getting up a head of steam by 2 years later. And we had alot of hype about us after the semifinal V Kerry, and defensively/tactically questions were still very much being asked after that game. Also of course there was national campaign going on for Mayo to win Sam “because they deserve it etc”. My only real interest in that stuff was that the ref would give us nothing, just like 2012, and that indeed was fairly true. But they had the perfect start in many ways, 5-1 up, and no early goals conceded. No excuses…

2015: Mayo confident because “they waz robbed” in 2014(even alot of people on here said it. I didn’t think so I have to say, even the head clash thing was a symbol of the will to not win they seemed to have), and also because the lucky and dirty Dubs only won by a point in 2013, and that was just coz their private ref tricked poor St C about the time left to play. And they could/should have killed us, again, in the last few minutes. Not to mention ROC going off early after an ‘unfortunate’ clash of joints…
But we were clearly by far the better team, and arguably proved that in the replay, though for a long while Mayo looked set to kick on. Personally I think we always had that one in the bag.

2016: No reason for Mayo to be confident except they came in so under the radar even a Russian submarine sonar wouldn’t have spotted them. And truth be told they should have won the first day, they were clearly the better team on the day, and the goals were outrageous pieces of bad fortune, even more so in a low-scoring game on such a wet, greasy day.
The replay was anybody’s and looking like theirs but for two things, the change of goaly, and Cossie. And Dermo sticking that peno past Clarke.

My overall feeling is that they could really have won Sam on one occasion if they really had the conviction: the first day last year, possibly the second day if they had Clarke start.


[quote=“25AliveOh, post:1737, topic:250, full:true”]
Donaghy won’t destroy them if they defend anything like last year. He’s getting on a bit for that.

[/quote] Yes he will. Mayo don’t defend like last year anymore as they’ve now Cafferkey in full back and Kerry will target him using Donaghy’s aerial treat.


Cafferkey is not having a great year. So much so that I feel they might make a change.