Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


Imagine us coming out with something like this . I can understand the situation with Andy but its cringy on the part of Roscommon .


Why did they pick on Scowly?


He’s from disputed territory. Some stupid border politics that you only get in places such as the West of Ireland


From Wiki-peeja

Prior to 1898 the town and parish of Ballaghaderreen and Edmonstown was located in the eastern part of County Mayo until its transfer to County Roscommon under the Local Government Act 1898 by the Parliament of the United Kingdom. The local Gaelic Athletic Association team, Ballaghaderreen GAA plays in the Mayo championship and its players represent County Mayo.


We don’t bear grudges in this country at all do we…


Ive been in the company of both supporters while drinking in that village . Hatred would be a mild term to describe how they feel about each other . Thus there are Rossie & Mayo pubs . My sisters boys were all brought up supporting Mayo . They have no affinity with Roscommon apart from the fact their grandfather was from there.


Quite an admission.

You’re dead to me.


In fairness… you can choose your friends, etc…


Yup , unfortunately so . It brings me no pleasure all the last couple of years when we have inflicted pain on their county & the wee boys crying after games…:joy:. But they are very young & two dont have much of an interest in GAA tbh . The father on the other hand . He’s hard work when discussing football . If the day comes if we lose to Mayo he will be onto me in a flash . I’ve never rubbed it in his nose about our wins but I expect a big back lash when the tables are turned .


That’s the worst sort of supporter.

As if it was Dublin’s fault Mayo have shit their boxers every year since 1951. They couldn’t even win one while we spent the odd decade or two being crap.

If they win, fair dues and good luck but theres no need to be a spa about it.


Thing is , football is everything to these folks . And despite our wins , deep down like Kerry they will never accept we are better than them . So this is why this “financial doping” argument covers all bases when we beat either of them . It makes it easier for them to use that for a reason when they’re bet .


I’ll be slightly and briefly happy for them when they win. Then promptly avoid all media and Mayo people forever.


They’ll have one hell of a second album syndrome if they do . The drinking wouldn’t stop til the next summer I’d say .


They will never accept we are better than them??? They have won 3 titles - just 3 … they don’t even feature in the wider scheme of things


Best thing for the two lads is to go to college in Dublin, xfer to club here and play for Dubs Hurlers.


Well , thats just how they view things in the mayoblog type of world , impression I’ve got off them…


The father would never allow it :joy:


We’ll get them Hurling Scholarships to DCU…


Ask him what kind of doping was going on here



Jaysus they got an awful hiding in that as well :rofl::rofl:


Well they do a version of consistency very consistent