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Jesus wait til @alanoc logs on and sees this :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


Reminds me of that great Abba song, ‘Gonorrhoea, here I go again, my, my. How am I resist you …,.’


Flynn , MDMA onn the bench and Cooper available for selection next Saturday


That’s great news :grin: delighted for them. Hope they get a run .


Elmo has an opinion on this latest applause thing


I rove it !



It’s fried rice, you plick!


Kevin Myers got fired for less :grin:


Look at the web address… :joy:


i know, a great site, often get a giggle there.


RTE might release it as a polyphonic ringtone.


As far as I can remember the first one was for the Harris brothers and the Berkley students and at the time was appropriate but it’s getting fooking ridiculous at this stage.


Well, if they do , it won’t be anywhere near as annoying as ’ it must be said ’ :smiling_imp:


"Ah no ,ah no "


This for me is just an attempt by the Mayo brigade to portray themselves as the best fans in the world again while also being a bit Yerra towards the Rossies.
Why don’t they all just turn to the right put your hand on the person beside you shoulder and on the count of three give each other a pat on the back. A load of me hoop👿


i would say this will get the same reaction from mayo fans as that cretinous idea for dublin fans to go to the match in their jerseys to support roscommon did from our support.


one thing that “has to be said” about social media is that you never know if the person you are dealing with is suffering from some form of disorder or another. its easy to assume they are not.


For Andy …


Why Scowly?


So this is what its come to? Players asking fans to show some decorum? Sad state of affairs