Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


Another round of applause on the way folks


Manners begin at home … these gestures starting to irritate …

clap if you have manners …


The people who start all these things are the same type of gobshiites who use to send chain letters. If you didn’t join in you would die roaring a few weeks later.


FFS what minute do I start , Im waiting the last hour.


Or moon if you disagree . That would stop them fairly lively


jesus wept


These rounds of applause things now are grating on me, once i hear one i have to ask ‘whats that for’. I cant remember what the first one was but was kinda cool everyone coming together and standing up and clapping but jesus, over booing players? Fcuk. Right. Off.


At this stage I’ll boo the clapping.


I’m gonna clap the booing in protest of you booing the clapping.


I would applaud that.


Just all clap in silence. That will show them.


Surely all this clapping creates friction and is therefore a fire hazard?


Good job that flag won’t be there so.


All his cultural references are British though, and all his sporting ones usually come back to soccer - so I don’t think he gets the GAA at all. Fair play to him for making a go of the sports reporting gig, but…


Does that mean the mayo supporter’s are going to stop booing dermo and philly every time they touch the ball


Ah here. Stop the world I want to get off. Think I’ll just go the O’Byrne cup games from now on. Even the league games are becoming to become infiltrated by this nonsense.

As much as I love the games I’m finding myself getting more and more annoyed at them by all these gestures which is dreadful because I’m watching the greatest team of all time.

Beyond a joke now


Should we have a minute’s clapping to protest at all these minute’s clapping?


All this talk of the clap is bringing back some bad memories…


Couldn’t there be a recording of clapping , and if you pay it plays . The Croke Park Clap. Ideally you can only hear it on a ’ ref radio ’ thingy . Oh, and in Ger Cannings head . Massive echoes in there .