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I hate bodhrans…
And I’m not in love with Pol Pot


Pots are annoying. How about Drumms?


Tommy was marvellous! Sean, not so much!


Good on the Uileann piper


I said people should be allowed to question,

Questioning does not equate with ignoring, its quite the opposite.
Maybe before you take a side, make sure your fully informed first.It is not unknown for an expert to colour their advice in accordance with their paymasters wishes.
Thalidomide, C.J.D. , neonicotinoid a few words that might encourage you to question more and see it as a good thing.


God bless John Costello!!


FFS, the 2 of you are both agreeing with each other and disagreeing with each other on the same topic. Whatever that topic is.


Why are you getting involved?? You’re no expert …,


Both of them will lace into him now.


Thanks, I was right to be confused !


That was class , they got him on some sports radio show in Wales after , think they called him Ken Burly or something . He’s a very dry wit , you either like him or hate him .


We are probably both on the same side of this argument. But with questioning comes a responsibility to learn. Personally I could never have questioned the issues surrounding Thalidomide because I just didnt / don’t know remotely enough to begin to in relation to the causal factors involved Likewise it seems to me that people that are questioning child vaccines now are doing a lot of harm by discouraging them - but I guess there is a chance that they could be proved right in the long run. But for now, my money is on the experts. If you back the experts all the time versus backing against them all the time, you will be a lot more right then wrong.

But of course you should question stuff, but there is a climate currently to write off all expert advice as rubbish because they are some ‘elite’ experts. That is a path that history has shown goes very wrong.

Mind you, that’s all a long way from flying a flag :grinning:


‘Nobody craves publicity more than Davy Fitzgerald’ says Joe Brolly, 'He would walk over crushed glass to get to a mic ’

How can Brolly keep a straight face ?


I’d say it was incredibly hard!


He is right about Davy excepting that there’s one person who craves publicity more than he does :joy::joy:


Don’t like his stuff, find him a bit too smug and sneering. The way he used to pick apart a arsene wenger press conference sentence by sentence … ugh.


Go easy will you! :joy:



Not really. Croke park make their own decisions, that is absolutely correct. But they take advice from the fire prevention officers of Dublin Fire Brigade. Failure to follow that advice can have drastic consequences.


What about the div 6 controversy Rochey? Where does DFB stand on that?!