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Not surprised, they’ve been hiding in shame since the 2009 defeat, it’s almost forgotten because of the way that year ended for us but in a funny way it makes that Leinster final all the more remarkable. Kildare had the great hype with Geeser going, and Dublin looked very vulnerable after the bad beating against Tyrone the year before, new completely unproven coach with an old past it coach that alot of us really didn’t respect. Full house in Croker, sheets flapping everywhere.

Ger Brennan got sent off, and we faced into the wind and rain in the 2nd half, with not much in it on the scoreboard, the Lillies had come right back into it after a typical Dubs storming start (great goal by Barry Cahill).

Then Bernard Brogan really announced himself that day, scoring 4 points from play in the 2nd half, and we won by 3. Although Kildare reached the semi-final the year after I don’t think they ever really recovered from that one and the defeat in the 2011 championship. Obviously the 2009 game convinced Geeser that Brogan had to be fouled all day off-the-ball so I had no sympathy when they payed for it at the end.

Funny to think that years later we’ve gone through the same shit with Connolly, and the media campaign to try to support teams/players systematically fouling the most important Dublin players off the ball. We still haven’t heard the last of the crying over the 2011 Leinster game.

Not surprisingly on a certain other forum the majority of posters like the boilers and they love Parkinson. Says it all really, preaching to the masses, giving them what they want to hear, bitterness, begrudgery, bias.


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giving them what they want to hear, bitterness, begrudgery, bias[/quote]

Nothing wrong with a bit of bitterness or begrudgers or bias … as long as it’s aimed at the right people … :smirk:


We’ll be hearing about poor Leeroy in the replay in ten years too


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I’d love to see them with their heads stuck in a hive of Bs


That one could stretch to the century, alongside Joe McQuillan 2011


Fair enough. I remember him refusing to shake hands with his Dublin opponent before a championship game some years back.

He was a good player. If Mayo had someone like him now…


An organisation that survives mostly on Dublin money but seems to resent dublins existsnce in the sport?

But enough about the GAA, let’s gets back to newstalk and eir sport…


Doyle was one of the few who stated that the whole boiler/bitter/prat addenda on the dubs in croke park was rubbish, esp the bit about home advantage. He even said it on off the boil itself. They ignored it.


It’s gas this home advantage nonsense.When kildare got to AI final in 98 they played all their championship games in croker.


He is sound but no Dublin fan.


Yeh but it was no Newbridge… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Casement park video


Brilliant, can’t wait to see it reopened.


Looks great.


That will be fantastic. Isn’t it earmarked for some big international game? Will the new British Govt be forced to appropriate it for rallies and protests?


Don’t clickbait this link, I’ve done it for you to show you gutter journalism :

Headline - Jim Gavin Blames Timing Of Coldplay Concert For Dean Rock Black Card

Now he didn’t say that, he said the following:

Speaking to Newstalk’s Oisin Langan after yesterday’s game, Gavin questioned the timing of last weekend’s Coldplay concert at GAA headquarters which meant part of the pitch had to be relaid for the Leinster final.

that part of the pitch had been replaced from the concert last weekend.

It wasn’t great now for both teams, and it’s probably something the GAA need to have a little reflection on.

The groundsmen did an excellent job, an outstanding job actually, to turn it around so quick but going into a provincial final is that the right thing to do to be replacing that part of the pitch, probably a fifth of the pitch?

I could see both sets of players slipping in that part. It was very hard, that’s one thing I’d say about it. It’s not a fault of the groundsmen. They were put in a situation to turn the pitch around. So it’s probably for the management of Croke Park to have a look at it. A provincial showcase football game in Leinster, is that the right thing to do?



Chris Martin got Deano sent off …

The ref came along
And Deano just knew
That he’d get a card
But it was not yellow


Dublin’s attack has been revolutionised since 2015 and is more efficient than any in history

This lad should have a spot on the Sunday game , analysis is unbelievable.


Analysis is not important on the Sunday Game


Yeah v impressive. Confirms the view that we attacked well but defended v poorly yesterday. That ain’t going to be good enough vs Tyrone / Kerry. Haven’t seen us as defensively open for a long time. Even when we had numbers back they still ran through or around us. Not good enough by a long shot.