Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


Jaysus are you driving a 1930 Ford Prefect or something?!


a 2003 mitsubishi crapwagon.


Yes news reader Richie mccormack is a complete non entity with a very high opinion of himself.He tweeted the word “clown” when appeal was put in for connolly.


not far off … get yourself a CD player! :wink:


it has a CD player!!

best car i had recently was a 03 avensis estate, had a CD AND tape deck. this meant that i could use those old adapters to plug in the MP3/Ipad into the tape deck. great car, pity the engine had a hateful relationship with oil.

am being threatened with an 05 Volvo S40 now… anyone got an opinion on that? it’s the 2.0l diesel. Have been told that although the tax is massive (€700) i’ll save it on the diesel…


He’s a prat.


did he think of retracting it when JG confrimed it wasnt Connolly who put it in?


just checked, he didnt.

and bitter spewan chimed in saying “clown” was generous.

all you need to know about that shower in one small bite.


Enough people on here seem to listen religiously to that rubbish.

More listeners, more advertising Euros, more rubbish on the radio.


Laughable that people who have achieved nothing in their lives can speak of people in this way. The bitterness in some of them would make lemons seem like sugar …

One in particular will eventually be sued for all the horrible and defamatory comments he makes about literally everybody.


i rarely tune in because of a deep ideological aversion to its owner.

Their live match commentary and coverage was good to their credit when they have the contract…


@dcr22B is our resident Volvo expert. Indeed he is our Swedish expert with great knowledge of Abba, IKEA flatpack furniture, Britt Ekland and smorgasbord …


… and turnips.


that’s a sweet pun.


Their weekend shows are excellent, midweek is dying on its arse.


And to think horan used to get favourable ‘as he is alright ’ comments here on this site’ I always had him pegged as a gee-bag and bluffer since his joe mcquillan comments. The best we can do is keep beating his county and hope the fucker keeps to his day job selling sugared water.


It has tinted windows great fir hiding the kids dirty finger prints


Newstalk O.T.B
Is sponsored by eir to the tune of €500,000 per annum.
Eir’s group sponsorship manager John Anslow believes the deal to be “mutually beneficial as we connect with sports fans across the country”.
While tuning out from the show might affect the weekday listenership figures currently at 48,000 approx. I believe any undermining of the sponsorship would have bigger consequences for the show.
I think it is wrong that eir may think it’s acceptable to profit from our subscriptions on one hand and on the other sponser a programme like O.T.B
John Anslow’s Email
Sponsorship Manager-eir Group @ eircom


To be fair Johnny Doyle is an absolute gent and actually quite a fan of dublin … Will be the first man to shake barry cahills hand


Not forgetting Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy, Meshuggah and Opeth!

Although I just sold my Volvo @dubintipp, I cannot rate them highly enough and that 2l lump is a good one