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I heard he has been dropped.


GAA Hour roadshow from New bridge this week . Lots of reminiscing about 2000 final & Micko. The helicopter story put to bed , well in the yarn that was told .


Problem is there isn’t enough time to do it in one show, should have separate hurling and football highlight shows on different nights.

When you consider the amount of staff they have from their different channels and media working at all the various games it’s mad to think how little of the coverage they then broadcast or use.


Dublin playing someone and the prat is doing his freakshow in the opposition county??


sunday game highlights of the games shown live that day is usually just showing balls going over the bar again and again and again, then any contraversial moments.

they would do better highlights of games they hadnt shown live, and then you can get the one lad with a camcorder at others. it’s very hit and miss.


Pillar on too , again throwing his two cents in .


He got 2 points against Monaghan and 1 against Kerry in league final as well


I see Barry Cahill is doing a gig down in Allenwood on Saturday night with Johnny Doyle …

Seems to be real excitement building down there which is understandable given 2009 was last Final appearance.


heard that he was on…


Hard to believe considering how much Leinster is maligned that they couldn’t make a final .


It well known how Horan hates Dublin. He taken the baton from Martin McHugh baton writing shit in his Star newspaper column. It must still haunt him he never pushed Keith Higgins up the pitch when O’Gara done his hammer in 2013 final :joy:


You’d wonder would he get as much satisfaction from us losing an AI to them actually winning one . And if Mayo do win one , you can be sure that’ll try to take some of the credit for the players he brought in during his time .


Majority of that squad were brought in by John O’Mahony though Horan did bring through Keegan, O’Connor brothers and Harrison


Not really, they’ve been shite for a long time.

It’s not as if they’ve drawn Dublin in the first round 10 years in a row either.


Surely it’s a failing been felt by the powers that be within the station that their blatant bias against Dublin football has a very negative effect on the commercial objective of the programme. Horan comes across as a “pundit” carrying a lot of pain from his past and seems to choke every time he needs to say the words Dublin or Dubs.


They can’t show everything . But Duignan objects to SKY. It’s bizarre
The business model is all wrong. Terrestrial TV channel trying to cope with a sport edging towards champions league format Limit to what they can show and yet want to own all the rights


doubt it, there are probably far more non dublin GAA fans listening to it than dublin ones.

its perhaps 3 years since the prat was on in hysterics at lads not fouling dublin players off the ball behind the referees back before cluxton has his kick out. so in the time since it obviously hasnt dented anything listeners-wise. there are plenty of anyone but dublin people out there and if the boilers have a rep for sticking it to the dubs thats the show they’ll listen to. it’s narrowcasting but in reality OTB lost any shread of credibility it had over the Pat Hickey interview a month or so back.


And Johnny Doyle probably still won’t shake hands with Cahill.


That’s a good point . Only one on OTB I’d have any time for is Joe Molloy , and he’s a Lily too . You can feel the pain when any of the rest of them have to complement Dublin , it’s the most insincere tone you will ever hear . You have Gilroy & that other oaf , Nathan Murphy ,from Mayo who does the live commentary on the soccer matches . There’s one guy who has stood up for Dublin , Dave McEntyre. Even that other bald clown who reads out the news was putting up tweets about Connolly & this guy is a fucking non entity .
As much as Wooly is an arsehole at least he doesn’t sugar coat it when he says something .The OTB crowd are a bunch snidey gobshites .


they ridicule mcentyre for his support of dublin… dont start me. even with the SC podcasts daily if i am on the road Monday and Thursday evening i only have Game On/the boilers and since I cant stand horse racing i’ll switch over to them for bits here and there.

sure even kilbanne never shuts up about mayo (understandable given his family roots)