Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


Snowflake you must have your radio tuned in to 2004 if your hearing Darren Clarke in 4 under :grin:


I keep hearing golf is dying, not sure what that is based on because it never seems to freakin end.


Participation is dying, but like rugby it has a disproportionate coverage due to the socio-economic group of the fans


I posted a good article from Malachy Clerkin on golf on Monday. I think it’s in the golf thread.


There’s a golf thread?


If you have to ask about it you won’t be welcome…riff raff :wink:


I’ll wear me glad rags


It’s sponsored by Royal Dublin … not a woman in sight … :smiling_imp:


I won’t bother so


Self inflicted pain.
Listened to off the fooking wall tonight, I understand charity and helping the less fortunate and all that, but could they not just give James horan the money and a job in the post room.
Bitter host : jack MC C & James Mc C are very fast and will run and cut swathes through Kildare defence possibly score goals
Horan : I worked with Cian o Neill for a year he will have a plan in place for that .

Bitter host : ok well that’s Leinster final blah blah and tomorrow night blah end of show.

Last year Horan was gaa pundit on same show for preview of all Ireland final. Where he gave his insightful expert opinion mayo would win, WHY ? because he felt it in his bones . Seriously his actual words.
I know I listened, I deserve, I will get over it end of rant .



Thanks for inflicting that OTB shite on the rest of us :wink:


McCarthy score goals? When was the last time he scored a point?


Last time I remember was AI semi replay against Mayo 2015 ??


A badly needed settler as I recall it.


Donal óg all of a sudden finding himself with a bit of time on his hands and still trying to be relevant in the media…


The Second Captains podcast? Thought he made an interesting comment re The Sunday Game, along the lines that the level of debate and analysis they provide on the actual game itself is disrespectful towards the viewers.

Which is pretty spot on in my opinion.


The amount of play they actually show is a disgrace tbh - usually less than 10 mins for main game. I’d love to know if there is a contractual stipulation at play here. They show little or nothing of the game/scores … plenty of other stuff though … depending on whose playing of course …


Nailed two or three against Cavan in the league this year before he got injured – pretty classy points IIRC


Pretty much just scores from play and moments of controversy is all that they show. You could never get a sense of what the actual game was like from their package.

They never seem to show moments of good defending or just general good play (unless it ends in a score). I do wonder if the selection of pundits they have has an effect on what gets shown. I think Ó Sé is the only former defender they have. Nearly everyone else is a former forward (Brolly, Spillane, O’Rourke, Cooper, Dolan, Mossy, etc.)