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He missed two handy ones on Sat. Yes Deano has regressed so far this year in terms of contributing other than from placed balls. But O’Connor gives little or nothing from play other than guff and sly slaps. He was appalling in the first half on Saturday.


I’m no fan of his at all… I’m beating the drum for his to get his comeuppance. But I think Mayo would struggle badly without him. He might be shocking from play but his scoring from placed balls (and his goal on Saturday) has probably kept Mayo in the championship this year.

So in otherwards, I would rather see him off the field…


What has kept Mayo in the champo is their opponents have been poor, because Cillian’s strike rate has been average to say the least. He won’t be able to afford to miss fairly straight forward ones against top opposition.


Damn you, you’ve now somehow got me defending the COC.

In 4 games, he’s scored 2-29. That’s an average of 9 points per game and he’s the leading scorer by a clear way in this years championship.


What has he missed and what of that is from play? Note also Mayo gave played 4 games plus extra time - Dublin, Kerry, Tyrone just two.

Note to self … Mayo supposedly top 3 team … playing in qualifiers again …


What’s his striking rate been?


We can’t complain about Mayos standing in the game . We keep making them look very good very year


Fair point and I’m not complaining …




They do look pretty similar in fairness, your man probably had a few Sunday scoops before publishing


What it is, I reckon, is someone in that rag of a newspaper using Google images to look for a picture of Lukaku in a ManU shirt and copying and pasting without checking out any copyright on the picture.


Wouldn’t have known the difference myself


And you write like a tabloid hack too …


It wouldn’t be incumbent on you, in fairness.


Has a point, Rugby is on the same level as tennis and athletics in this country, just has better marketing and fans in the higher echelons, including main stream media E.G RTE, Times etc and may seem it gets more coverage sometimes than GAA, too hard probably to analyse with so much media around the place now but he has a point.


He probably does have a point but not sure what he expected to happen by texting Des Cahill for jaysus sake.

Rugby is well covered in RTE cause Ryle Nugent as the head of sport makes sure it is. I find it odd that even as the Head of Sport for RTE, Nugent does commentary for Ireland games during the 6 nations!

RTE should have a dedicated sports channel itself that shows sporting events in Ireland. They must be taking in over €250 Million in licence fee alone and then you’ve advertising revenue on top of that. Too many fat cats in RTE with too much to lose if RTE was revamped.


must be a different RTE to the one which has lost the 6 nations to TV3, Heinken Cup and Pro 12 live coverage to sky/bt, the world cup to TV3 and that historic all blacks game to eir sport.

Yeah, Nugent is playing a blinder!!

to say that RTE doesnt show enough GAA is bollocks, excuse my language. Speaking of Language TG4 shows plenty of League, Club, Camogie and Ladies Football as well as RTE showing virtually all of the Championship live.

Maybe Donal Og can have a word with the GAA and TG4 for broadcasting all those matches in Irish and see how far he gets…

Edit to add - sure wasnt it only four years ago that everyone was moaning about live match overkill between RTE and TV3 each championship weekend?

its a bit like all those articles crying about Croke Park being empty during the winter/spring which were all forgotten about when we moved in for the league…


Absolutely !!! He should have talked to Joe …


I think there is an argument to be made that the GAA could get more coverage, but in fairness to RTÉ I think they were in the right on this occasion. The rugby results were all news from that morning, so obviously they were going to be the headlines in a news buellitin. I mean what GAA news did Donal Óg feel was being ignored? The fact that there are some games on later in the day is hardly a headline.

What the media needs to improve on is the quality and quantity of their pre and post game analysis, that to me is the major area were coverage is lacking, not sports headlines.


Whatever about rugby, RTE sports bulletins seem to be obsessed with golf. Every morning I hear that Darren Clarke is four under or six over or had a budgie on the second niblock. Usually in somewhere like Micronesia or Vanuatu. Fair play to him and all that but is there really an audience for this stuff?